Monoclonal Antibody Company XOMA Corp. Shares New Strategy

Monoclonal antibody company Xoma Corp. shared its new strategy of developing an internal pipeline of potential therapeutics. The company’s lead molecule is gevokizumab, a monoclonal antibody directed at the interleukin-1 beta, an important cytokine involved in multiple diseases where inflammation is a key component. Paul Rubin, MD, Senior Vice President, Research and Development and CMO, says the company has multiple, ongoing trials for Behcet’s uveitis, scleritis, and other ophthalmology conditions.


Paul Rubin

Paul Rubin, MD

Dr. Paul Rubin joined Xoma in June of 2011. Prior to XOMA, Dr. Rubin was CMO at Funxional Therapeutics, CEO of Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals and President and CEO of Critical Therapeutics.

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