Multimodal Myopia Management, with Rajeev Garg, PhD, CooperVision


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CooperVision’s Global Head of Myopia Management Strategy, Rajeev Garg, made a bold move over a decade ago. After a fruitful career in R&D for Abbott and Merck, he got his MBA and transitioned to the commercial side.

It worked out well. He led global teams for Johnson & Johnson and Bausch + Lomb before joining one of the industry’s leading contact lens makers.

With ophthalmologist and venture capitalist Ehsan Sadri, MD, Rajeev shares CooperVision’s path forward for myopia innovation. CooperVision’s MySight one-day contact lenses are the only FDA-approved contacts designed to slow the progression of myopia in children.

CooperVision wants to build on that success by ramping up physician training and education as well as raising consumer awareness on the importance of slowing the progression of myopia. It’s taking the lead through joint ventures, acquisitions, and other partnerships.

CooperVision also encourages physicians to take the Myopia Management Pledge. Are you ready to make myopia management part of your practice?

Listen to the podcast today to discover:

• How Rajeev’s experience in eye care has differed from other therapeutic areas.
• Rajeev’s career milestones at Bausch + Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, and CooperVision, and how innovation ties them together.
• Rajeev’s thoughts on how to address the myopia epidemic in Asia.
• Details on CooperVision’s multimodal treatment strategy.
• Where Rajeev sees CooperVision evolving over the next few years.
• His advice for emerging leaders on how to move through career obstacles and transitions.

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