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Zepto is an innovative disposable device, used in cataract surgery that uses precision pulse technology. The company notes the device is accurate and creates a reproducible capsulotomy that is quick, safe, and affordable. Zepto consists of a silicon suction cup, a nitinol capsulotomy cutting element and an incision finder/push-rod system.

The system works by stretching the device to go through a 2.2-mm incision. The push rod retracts to allow visualization on the center axis, apply suction, and make a capsulotomy in 4 ms. Mynosys has evaluated the device at the University of Utah in 40 rabbit eyes. One eye underwent continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC),the other eye had a capsulotomy created with the Zepto. At one month, there were no differences between the two eyes and no temperature differences while the Zepto was applying energy compared with the CCC eye.

In cadaver eyes, the Zepto’s capsulotomy was perfectly centered with no disruption to the zonules; a CCC on a cadaver eye showed “extensive stretching on the zonules,” President and CEO John Hendrick said, with the traditional method neither centered nor round. This translates to a much stronger capsulotomy with the Zepto than by traditional methods, somewhere around two to four times stronger.

Zepto, unlike other devices, is able to work underneath small 4-mm pupils and in pseudoexfoliation patients to create a consistently centered, strong capsulotomy.

Mynosys contracted an outside firm (Diamedix) to evaluate the potential market. The Zepto is believed to be a “compelling product” with “very quick adoption rates” and “ease of use” that will quickly expand its market penetration beyond the early adopters, Mr. Hendrick said. Predictions have the Zepto at about $400 million by year five in less than half the market, he added. By keeping the device outside the phacoemulsification machines, adoption will be quicker, he said.


John Hendricks

John Hendrick

Mr. Hendrick has over three decades of executive experience, building both early stage medical device companies as well as large divisions in Medical device Corporations.

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