Zepto is an “innovative, disposable device for cataract surgery,” that uses precision-pulse technology to produce an “accurate and reproducible capsulotomy that is quick, safe, and very affordable,” Hendrick said. The Zepto is comprised of silicone, with a soft, clear suction cup—because of the material choice, surgeons have visibility through the cup. It also includes a nitinol ring and an incision finder that acts as a push rod.

The device can be aligned over the visual axis, and once the capsulotomy is complete, the device “folds back on itself for removal,” Hendrick said. The MOA involves the bottom edge of the capsulotomy ring aligns with the capsule at rest; once suction is applied and pulled up toward the ring, trapped water molecules are under the ring and the bag but tensile strength is increasing. Multiple pulse energy charges occur simultaneously creating a rapid-phase transition of the water molecules followed by a precise cleavage of the membrane. The company has further zone the Zepto does not affect zonular movement.



John Hendrick

Mr. Hendrick has over three decades of executive experience, building both early stage medical device companies as well as large divisions in Medical device Corporations.

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