Nahum Ferera

Mr. Nahum Ferera is an entrepreneur who specializes in leading medical device projects from idea to a successful product. Ferera founded EyeYon Medical together with Dr. Daphna and Dr. Marcovich 9 years ago. Ferera serves as the company CEO from its very first day. Ferera led the company from idea to CE approval and FDA clearance. Ferera has extensive experience c-level management, ophthalmic medical devices, business development, clinical trials, regulation and intellectual property. Prior to EyeYon Medical, Ferera led a project in the non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, where he successfully performed clinical trials and granted a patent. In addition, ferera experience includes developing medical devices in the field of cardiac rate management based on MEMS technology. Ferera serves as a mentor in the Israeli bio-executive forum. As a mentor in the international MBA at the Tel Aviv university and as a panelist in the international MBA program at the Technion.