NASA-Backed Entity Enlists Industry To Battle Eye Disorders Caused By Space Travel

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In this week’s podcast, Dorit B. Donoviel, PhD, Deputy Chief Scientist and Industry Forum Lead of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, and Randy McDonald, Founder and President of the Magnum Group, expand on an announcement made at last week’s Ophthalmology Innovation Summit. A new joint effort between industry and the NSBRI, will pursue treatments for eye disorders brought on by space travel. The program is led by several top clinicians and entrepreneurs, and could deliver grants to the appropriate start-ups.

Podcast Guest

Dorit Donoviel

Dorit B. Donoviel, PhD

Dr. Donoviel oversees the diverse portfolio of science and technology research and development projects at NSBRI that address the challenges faced by humans in space. She leads the NSBRI Industry Forum and the SMARTCAP seed award program for commercialization of biomedical technologies co-developed for both space and Earth-based markets.

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