NEA’s Behbahani, with New Fund to Invest, Discusses VC’s Strong Interest in Ophthalmology

NEA's Behbahani, with New Fund to Invest, Discusses VC's Strong Interest in Ophthalmology

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After capturing lighting in a bottle with Oculeve, Ali Behbahani, MD, partner of New Enterprise Associates, recalls the experience with the Dry Eye start-up and lays out his plans for investing in future ophthalmology start-ups.

Podcast Guest:

Ali Behbahani, MD

Ali Behbahani, MD

Ali is a Partner on the healthcare team. He specializes in investments in the biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Prior to joining NEA, Ali worked as an intern and later as a consultant in business development at The Medicines Company, a specialty pharmaceutical company developing acute care cardiovascular products.

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