New World Medical’s Bilal Khan on Balancing Mission with Profitability


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New World Medical, maker of the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve and other innovations to reduce intraocular pressure, continues to innovate and maintain a steady pipeline without the cachet that comes with big-name partnerships.

CEO Bilal Khan spoke with OIS Podcast host Rob Rothman, MD, about assuming the lead role at New World Medical from founder A. Mateen Ahmed, MD, Bilal’s father-in-law and pioneer of implantable glaucoma drainage devices.

While Dr. Ahmed and Bilal can “geek out” about glaucoma devices at the dinner table, it wasn’t that way 12 years ago. Bilal joined New World Medical in 2008 after working in finance and as an actuary. His lack of a medical background served him well, however, as it forced him to deflect responsibility rather than wear all the hats.

His core focus these days is to carry out Dr. Ahmed’s mission: to preserve and enhance vision by delivering innovation to benefit humanity through safe and effective medical devices. That mission involves five components:
• Empower surgeons.
• Expand access to care.
• Treat employees well.
• Donate 10% of profits to charity.
• Support employees to go on mission trips.

That recipe has led to three Food and Drug Administration approvals over the past three years. In addition to the Ahmed valve, the company’s product line includes the KDB Glide for excisional goniotomy, the Ahmed ClearPath drainage devices, and, most recently, the Streamline Surgical System, a single-use device for goniotomies.

Listen to the podcast to hear Bilal and Dr. Rothman talk about:
• The newly launched Streamline system.
• How New World Medical has managed to stay private and whether it will stay that way moving forward.
• The company’s commercial strategy and why it’s focused on glaucoma surgery.
• How Bilal balances market opportunity and mission, maintaining the company’s charitable focus while meeting shareholders’ needs.
• Why there’s little competition in the glaucoma valve space.

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