Ocular Therapeutix

The company is evaluating sustained-release injectable anti-VEGF drug depots along with using its proprietary hydrogel platform technology for anterior segment disorders (specifically pain and inflammation).

The company’s OTX drug-eluting punctal plug is a non-invasive procedure that will eliminate drops (and the potential non-compliance). Two phase 3 studies have been completed on inflammation, with 39.4% absence of anterior chamber cells at day 14, and absence of pain at day 8 in 77.5% of patients. OTX-DP (dexamethasone) has completed phase 2 for allergy and will be moving into phase 3; a phase 2 study on inflammatory dry eye is ongoing. OTX-TP (travoprost) is in phase 2 studies for glaucoma with results expected by the end of the year, and OTX-MP (moxifloxacin) is in early studies for bacterial conjunctivitis. Allergy studies have shown some “good separation” in itching and redness compared to placebo, Sawhney said.

Finally, the company is developing a sustained release bevacizumab product.

The company’s first product, ReSure Sealant, is commercially available.



Amar Sawhney, PhD

Amarpreet Sawhney, Ph.D., co-founded Ocular Therapeautix in 2006, has since served as President and CEO and was elected Chairman of the Board in 2014.

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