April 8th, 2020 at the following times:
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AcuFocus, Inc., is a privately held ophthalmic medical device company that delivers breakthrough small aperture intraocular products to address diverse unmet needs and help patients achieve their best personal vision. The IC-8 IOL received CE mark in 2015 and is available in select markets across Europe and Asia. AcuFocus is based in Irvine, Calif. For additional information about the IC-8 IOL, visit www.acufocus.com.

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals was born out of a desire to revolutionize the eye care industry. Co-Founders Jerry St. Peter and Jason Werner had worked together in the ophthalmic space for many years leading up to their life-changing decision to form Eyevance. They noticed a therapeutic segment of the industry was largely underserved and immediately saw an opportunity to not only occupy the space, but to step up and lead it. Eyevance was founded on the concept of thinking, acting, and doing differently. We see opportunities where others don’t. We think outside the box, problem solving and innovating in unconventional ways. Everything we do centers around our customers. Built on innovative and impactful products, Eyevance is a force within ocular surface disease states.


LayerBio is a clinical-stage biotech company developing its novel OcuRing™ technology for drop-less cataract surgery. LayerBio was formed as a spin-off from the laboratory Dr. Paula Hammond at MIT. LayerBio recently completed a Phase 1 study demonstrating safety and efficacy of the OcuRing-K™ (ketorolac) for prevention of postoperative inflammation in patients undergoing cataract surgery. We are currently seeking strategic partners and investors to advance our first product through clinical development and support expansion of the OcuRing™ platform.


LENSAR®, Inc., the leader in next-generation femtosecond cataract laser technology, continues to focus on astigmatism with the latest system upgrade, Streamline® IV. This includes numerous enhancements unique to the LENSAR Laser that are dedicated to help surgeons confidently manage astigmatism and optimize patient outcomes, for both toric IOLs and arcuate incisions.

Enhancements include IntelliAxis Refractive Capsulorhexis™, which incorporates steep axis markings that help guide precise and confident toric IOL alignment, and wireless transfer of preoperative diagnostics from the Cassini® Corneal Shape Analyzer and Pentacam®, for seamless treatment planning. Iris registration further contributes to the system’s accuracy by comparing a pre-op image to a scan of the docked eye taken at the laser to automatically account for cyclotorsion. Building on the strength of LENSAR’s foundational femtosecond cataract laser platform, the LENSAR Laser with Streamline IV is revolutionizing a surgeon’s ability to deliver great outcomes for astigmatic patients.

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that applies proven science and new technology to revolutionize treatment for patients, starting with eye care. It is advancing its pipeline to address a number of diseases with high unmet need across a range of therapeutic categories, including eye care, dermatology, and infectious disease prevention. Its lead product candidate, TP-03, is a novel therapeutic in Phase 2b/3 that is being developed for the treatment of Demodex blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Disease.

Tarsier Pharma

Tarsier™ Pharma is a late clinical-stage company, phase-3 ready, dedicated to the development and commercialization of a breakthrough therapeutic approach for better and safer treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory ocular diseases. The TRS Platform Technology is a bio-inspired immunomodulator, a New Chemical Entity, designed to treat blinding inflammatory ocular diseases from within the immune system. It is currently being developed as both eye drops (TRS01) and intravitreal injections (TRS02).

Our first clinical indication is non-infectious anterior uveitis in patients with uveitic glaucoma. Uveitic glaucoma is a severe late-stage blinding condition, which occurs when a patient develops glaucoma on top of uveitis. These patients, which are usually in working age (around their 30's), have a high chance of going blind because there are no adequate treatments. Indeed, the prevalence of blindness secondary to uveitis has not been reduced in the past 30 years.

Tarsier Pharma's mission is to save the sight of those patients. With a leadership comprised of a global team of experienced, motivated, and dedicated professionals, and backed by investors who are focused on strategic investments in ophthalmology, we plan to leverage our new immunomodulatory approach to disrupt how ocular inflammatory diseases are being treated.

ViaLase 2021


ViaLase Inc. is an early-stage startup developing a novel, non-invasive surgical technology for the treatment of open angle glaucoma. Lowering intraocular pressure (IOP) is the only proven treatment for glaucoma to date.

ViaLase is focusing on the development of a micron-resolution OCT image-guided femtosecond laser technology to create micron sized customized drainage channels through the trabecular meshwork, connecting the anterior chamber to the Schlemm’s canal without surgically opening or penetrating the eye. The drainage channels increase the outflow of aqueous humor to lower IOP. Initial clinical data performed in 22 eyes indicate an immediate pressure drop after treatment that remained stable during the currently available 3-month observation period. The mean IOP reduction for all 22 eyes in the study is 30.6 %. No adverse events were observed with positive patient experience reported due to the lack of surgical trauma.

ViaLase is now focusing on the global commercialization of the technology. With a leadership comprised of highly experienced and motivated professionals aided by key opinion leaders in the field of glaucoma and backed by investors experienced in the field of ophthalmology, ViaLase is planning to revolutionize glaucoma management with its highly efficient non-invasive treatment.

Visus Therapeutics

Visus Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company in pursuit of developing the world’s first presbyopia-correcting eye drop with the potential to last a minimum of eight hours. With offices in Seattle and Orange County, Calif., its lead clinical candidate is BRIMOCHOL, an eye drop designed to correct the loss of near vision associated with presbyopia. In parallel, Visus Therapeutics is focused on advancing its pipeline of early-stage ophthalmic product candidates. For more information, visit: www.visustx.com and follow us on Twitter (@VisusTx) and on LinkedIn.


Voptica SL is a start-up company based in innovative optical technology. It is based in Spain and founded by renowned optical scientist Prof. Pablo Artal. The company currently has two products in the market. VAO, the world unique Adaptive Optics visual simulator and ArtIOLs a new suite of intraocular lenses that improve the optics of the eye in the periphery and allows depth of focus customization.