AdOM advanced optical technologies

Founded in 2008, AdOM is an ophthalmic medical device startup developing a novel diagnostic imaging device, the Tear Film Imager (TFI), which measures the Tear Film dynamics in nanometer resolution. The TFI is the only device capable of measuring both the aqueous & lipid sublayers simultaneously.
The TFI will revolutionize dry eye disease management by offering comprehensive diagnostics of dry eye parameters in a 40 second noninvasive test. Based on artificial intelligence and hyperspectral imaging the TFI provides quantitative representative parameters of the tear film as proven in clinical studies.
AdOM will launch the TFI in the U.S. market upon FDA registration in the 1H of 2020. This device will easily fit into clinical office-based practices as a leading tool for diagnosing dry eye disease.

Azura Ophthalmics

Azura Ophthalmics Limited is a clinical-stage biotechnology company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Azura Ophthalmics is developing an innovative portfolio of compounds in combination with a novel drug delivery platform to advance a portfolio of treatments for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and other Lid Margin Diseases such as Blepharitis. and Contact Lens Discomfort. By targeting the root cause of MGD, Azura Ophthalmics brings the promise of improved health and well-being to millions of people worldwide who suffer from MGD. Azura Ophthalmics is underpinned by an experienced management team with an established record of successfully developing and launching both novel devices and pharmaceuticals for the treatment of ocular surface diseases.


BELKIN Laser is a clinical-stage medical-device company, developing an automated one-second laser treatment, aimed at promoting accessibility to glaucoma care, allowing any ophthalmologist and eye care providers to treat many more patients, as first line treatment. BELKIN’s technology applies to all glaucoma types, and pioneers treatment for ACG, most prevalent among Asian populations.

Globally 130M people have glaucoma and OHT, however there are only 200,000 ophthalmologists and just 6,000 glaucoma specialists to treat them. Only high-end technology can bridge this gap. BELKIN’s non-contact, painless and fast treatment is activated via touchscreen, controlled by a high-resolution image acquisition algorithm and proprietary eye tracker. Its use will dramatically increase the number of treated patients, in central and rural areas, opening new revenue streams for clinics and hospitals.

CorNeat Vision

CorNeat Vision technological platform provides the means for permanently embedding and bio-mechanically integrating synthetic materials with the human tissue. We couple our bio-integrating capabilities with innovative designs to address unmet ophthalmic needs.

Our first two products, the CorNeat EverPatch (an artificial sclera) and the CorNeat KPro (a synthetic cornea) are entering the clinical phase in the first half of 2020. We are also developing an award winning glaucoma device which will complete its pre-clinical phase in Q1 2021.

Diagnostear logo 23.2


DiagnosTear Ltd. develops an innovative Dry-Eye diagnostic test namely TeaRX.
TeaRx is a diagnostic solution that provides a multi-parameter, objective, rapid, simple, semi-quantitative analysis of tear film to identify one or more underlying causes of DES. We believe TeaRx has the potential to be both a clinically valuable point-of-care test as well as a companion diagnostic test that addresses the need for rapid testing and personalized medicine. We expect TeaRx to be a cost-effective, easy-to-use and objective solution that will allow eye-care professionals to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from symptoms of DES, including those who may otherwise be undiagnosed or unidentified.

Eleusis is a clinical stage life science company dedicated to unlocking the therapeutic potential of serotonin 2A receptor agonists in ophthalmology. Eleusis lead candidate ELE-02 appears capable of reaching the retina at clinically relevant concentrations via simple formulation and topical administration, and has demonstrated the robust capacity to inhibit inflammation, neovascularization, and retinal degeneration in translational models of ocular inflammation.

Elgan Pharma 2020

ELGAN Pharma

ELGAN Pharma is a neonatology-focused biotechnology company, dedicated to bring safe therapies to preterm infants. It received financial support from the Israel Innovation Authority and the technology incubator NGT3. The team has extensive background in pharmaceutical drug development for neonates, as well as profound understanding in nano emulsions formulation development.
The company developed a drug therapy ELGN-2232 that prevents the progress of retinopathy induced visual impairment in preterm infants. Preclinical studies demonstrated compelling efficacy and safety results, stimulating retinal layers and vasculature to catch up normal development while reducing pathological aberrant vessel development which develops due to excessive oxidative stress and inflammatory response. Currently, the company is preparing to launch its phase I trial.

EpiTech Mag

EpiTech has developed a proprietary technology, non-invasive medical device, and a treatment protocol targeting and modulating the activity of neural pathways, effectively treating Dry Eye Disease (DED). EpiTech’s technology, Repetitive Magnetic Neurostimulation, is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of major depressive disorder and OCD and was adapted for dry eye treatment by EpiTech.
EpiTech has conducted Pre-clinical and clinical studies since 2015. The company recently completed 2 pilot studies, treating 29 patients and providing a phenomenal response rate (much higher than currently available solutions) while providing long lasting, clinically and statistically significant improvements in both signs and symptoms.
EpiTech is currently engaged in its 3rd clinical, multi-center study and will begin its Pivotal study at the beginning of next year.

Eximore 2020


Eximore is developing a drug-eluting medical device to deliver commercial drugs.
Our technology platform allows us to tailor the physical properties and drug release profiles to meet specific applications. We have used this platform to engineer biocompatible and bio-inert punctum plug product candidates for the management of ocular diseases and conditions.
Clinical experts and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry are pointing to punctum plugs (non-invasive tear duct inserts) as the most promising approach to eliminate the need to apply eye drops on a daily basis and solve the significant problem of patient compliance.
Eximore has perfected the punctual plugs drug delivery through its unique technology. A potential pipeline that now includes two drug-device candidates has been created and is being pursued.


EYE TECH CARE (www.eyetechcare.com) developed and commercializes Ultrasound Cycloplasty (UCP(R)) a one-of-a-kind proprietary technology to treat glaucoma non-invasively. UCP has a broad body of clinical evidence with up to 3 years of follow-up from European and Asian studies. The product is marketed in Europe and China, over 10,000 patients have been commercially treated. Submission to the US-FDA is expected in early 2020.
The company is backed by VC funds and has its headquarter in France and a subsidiary in Shanghai.


Eyevensys is a French /US biotech, focused on development of non-viral gene therapies for ocular diseases, using a proprietary electrotransfection system.
Eyevensys goal is to turn the eye into a biofactory expressing therapeutic proteins. It is expected to have key advantages over current treatment approaches including easy and minimally invasive administrations, long duration of intraocular therapeutic expression, minimizing the need for repeat administrations .
Technology has been validated in multiple animal models demonstrating safety and durability of expression with multiple proteins.
The lead candidate, EYS606, which encodes a potent TNF inhibitor, is under clinical evaluation for non-infectious uveitis in 2 clinical trials Europe and United States. IND clearance was obtained in August 2019. The company did close series B fund raising of $ 30 M.


We provide ophthalmologists and medical experts with an AI based solution for automatic assessment of medical images of the eye,
providing an all-encompassing assessment at the time of screening, using different modality scanners. We are developing an algorithm, based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which is capable of interpreting corneal slit lamp imaging, anterior and posterior segment OCT scans and fundus photograph in correlation to OCT.
Upon detecting ocular abnormalities, our algorithm will determine the degree of urgency and required medical intervention according to a clinical decision-making tree. By having an algorithm trained from the history of our medical expert's assessment, we are able to match and surpass clinician performance and accuracy..

EyeYon Medical

EyeYon Medical is a start-up company specialized in developing medical ophthalmic devices, which offer unique solutions for various corneal complications, including corneal edema. EyeYon Medical has promising, exclusive technologies that have proven the feasibility of a solution to an acute problem in the ophthalmic world.
EyeYon’s developmentts are:
1. EndoArt® - an Artificial Endothelial layer. EndoArt® provides a solution made of a polymer film implant which is attached to the posterior corneal surface, thereby replacing the need for human tissue for curing corneal edema.
2. Hyper-CL™ - a unique design therapeutic contact lens for corneal healing. The lens special design creates a reservoir for eye drops, thus acting as a drug depo device to increase bio-availability.

ForSight VISION6 2020

ForSight VISION6

ForSight VISION6 is a clinical stage medical device start-up that has developed an accommodating intraocular lens for patients undergoing cataract surgery. The Opira(TM) AIOL has demonstrated excellent visual results in early clinical studies. At follow-up of 3 months and 1 year, the Opira AIOL enabled patients to see 20/20 at distance, 20/20 at intermediate, and 20/25 at near with monocular testing.

Galimedix Therapeutics

Ophthalmology company developing a Phase 2 small molecule with unique MOA to provide neuroprotection, restore suppressed visual function, and to slow progression in dry AMD and glaucoma. Licensed from Tel Aviv University, GAL-101 has high affinity/specificity to misfolded amyloid beta, to block formation of toxic oligomers and reduce their toxicity to neural tissues. Eye drop administration reproducibly achieved >90% neuroprotection in glaucoma rat models, compelling efficacy evidence in AMD models, strong retinal delivery in monkeys, and safety in completed Phase 1 study (n=70). With a highly experienced top neuropharma team, Galimedix enjoys the support of world leading retinal and glaucoma experts. Raising funds for Phase 2 studies to demonstrate improvement of visual function in dry AMD and in glaucoma, and to develop an oral version.

Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH

Implandata is going to transform glaucoma care via its disruptive EYEMATE system for continual measurement and remote monitoring of intraocular pressure. EYEMATE is providing currently unobtainable real life information about glaucoma patients response to pressure lowering therapies, enabling proactive and personalized glaucoma treatment. Patient self-measurement of intraocular pressure empowers patients and improves their therapy adherence.
Implandata obtained CE mark for its system and is currently launching the product in Europe and other market, accepting CE mark. The EYEMATE consists of an implantable permanent microsensor for telemetric measurement of intraocular pressure. Data is acquired under normal life conditions at the patients home and transferred into a cloud-based medical database, making data available to eye doctors and patients.


IOPtima focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative ophthalmic surgical products, addressing unmet needs in ophthalmic surgery.
The company’s flagship product, the IOPtimate™, is a surgical system for the treatment of Glaucoma, which utilizes a CO2 laser technology to significantly reduce internal eye pressure (“IOP”), by restoring the natural fluid percolation without penetrating into the eye.
IOPtima is also commercializing LIPITEAR, a preservative free ophthalmic microemulsion for the treatment of dry eye syndrome as well as post refractive and cataract surgery.
Two new surgical products will be launched in the near future.

Isarna Therapeutics

Isarna Therapeutics is a German, clinical stage company and has an unmatched commitment to developing selective second-generation antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) blocking TGF-β production to effectively treat ophthalmic diseases. We are advancing a unique pipeline of novel oligonucleotides and combination modalities to transcend clinical response and improve patient outcomes. The company focus is the ophthalmology space with the primary investigational compound ISTH0036, but the pipeline includes ASO against fibrosis and oncology. The phase 1 dose escalation study in patients undergoing glaucomatous filtration surgery confirmed the excellent safety profile and the company is now raising money to move forward into phase II trials in the indications of wet AMD and DME


Keranova is a dynamic start up company focused on the next generation in anterior segment surgery by developing new technologies and approaches in order to bring surgeons the laser system of the future. Using novel wavefront modification of the laser beam to create multiple spots and proprietary energy threshold mapping of the lens, Keranova can photoemulsify dense cataracts for aspiration without phaco energy. A robotic docking arm enables automated assistance of the docking procedure, and allows the entire arm to be moved out of the surgical field. Designed to be mobile and built for the operating room, the Keranova system integrates the laser, fluidics, and phaco elements into one package. The advanced optical system also delivers excellent cornea incisions and lasik flaps.

Notal Vision

An Ophthalmic Home Diagnostic Services company, Notal Vision extends retina disease management from the clinic to the home to improve vision outcomes, reduce patient burden, and address healthcare costs. With a proven approach to the home testing experience, patient-operated devices, and real-time AI-enabled data interpretation, we are advancing eyecare through precision medicine. It is this unique assembly of core competencies that enables us to deliver personalized eyecare to patients. Retinal diseases that present with acute onset, unpredictable activity, and varying drug response pose challenges to healthcare and create addressable unmet needs. Home Diagnostic Services support the promise of enabling patients to retain functional vision throughout their years-long disease journey.


NovaSight brings pediatric vision care into the digital age. Our integrated eye-tracking AI based solutions for accurate vision assessment and efficient treatment are specifically designed for the unique needs and attention span of children.
NovaSight’s CureSight™ device is a home treatment device for Amblyopia based on eye tracking and 3D real time image processing. It allows for a fun treatment at the comfort of home while watching unlimited variety of TV, videos and games streamed online.
The EyeSwift device is a comprehensive vision assessment device that is running 11 different vision tests and is available worldwide.
NovaSight’s management and scientific advisory board are comprised of experienced executives, researchers and key opinion leaders in the field of pediatric vision care.

OphRx 2020


OphRx develops an ocular drug delivery platform, under a global license, based on unique molecular structuring technology enabling the solubiliztion of a wide range of active pharmaceutical molecules and their release at designated target areas. The platform can carry small to mid-sized molecules and is indifferent to hydrophobic / hydrophilic constrains.
OphRx already developed several formulations which all successfully passed tolerability studies. Two products are enroute to POC and have passed pre-clinical animal studies in specific diseases models.

Orca Surgical

Orca Surgical innovative technological approaches, provides a simple but sophisticated surgical solution for ophthalmologic surgery focused on the cornea.
The EBK® device preserves the Cornea Basal Membrane while simultaneously collecting the epithelium layers in preparation for Refractive Surgery, Cross-linking treatment, Refractive Enhancement, Recurrent Erosions and Pterygium treatment of the cornea.
The EBK® device removes the epithelium layer by layer to create clear and graduated borders to ensures excellent patient comfort & short recovery time.

Panoptes Pharma

Panoptes is a privately held clinical stage biotech company focused on developing novel therapies for the treatment of severe eye diseases with high unmet medical need.
PanIJect, the lead program consists of an immunomodulatory small molecule, when injected into the vitreous ameliorates all signs of inflammation in animal models for uveitis. PanIject has recently finished a first clinical phase 1b/2a study for non-infectious uveitis. Due to its strong immuno-modulatory activity PaniJect is also positioned for the use in diabetic macular edema.
The second program, PanIDrop, is a completely novel natural, conservative free form of eye drops and showed efficacy in viral conjunctivitis and dry disease animal models. This ocular surface program finished the first in man study

Precise Bio

Precise Bio Inc. is a Regenerative Medicine company, developing, implementing and commercializing regenerative medicine technologies and cellular therapies, using its proprietary 3D printer which allows bringing these technologies available to the clinic. The company’s patented laser-based printing technology, allows to fabricate tissues by ‘printing’ of cells in a single-cell resolution, leading to tissue integrity of clinical quality.
Precise Bio was founded by Dr. Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), together with Prof. Shay Soker from WFIRM and Mr. Aryeh Batt, who developed the laser printing technology and serves as the company’s CEO.
The company is focusing its developments and products in the Ophthalmology field and has completed succesfull animal studies of a 4D bio-fabricated corneal graft


Sanoculis is developing and markets the MIMS (Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy) device and technique for the treatment of the Glaucoma.
MIMS is simple, fast, and minimally invasive. During the procedure, a sclero-corneal drainage channel is created to reduce IOP. The novelty of the solution is that the channel ensures long-lasting controlled fluid flow with minor complications. MIMS consists of a disposable sterile tool and a multi-use external machine. Its expected benefits are: a stent-less procedure, low risk of complications, it is suitable for most Glaucoma patients, has the potential for medication reduction, can be easily combined with Cataract surgery and surgeon-friendly, automatic with short learning curve. MIMS is designed to reduce caring costs through procedure simplicity, low cost, fewer post-surgical complications and less hospitalization.

Senseyez 2020


SensEyez is a seed-stage Israeli startup, owning what could be a game-changing retinal imaging technology for teleretinal screening and monitoring - Snapshot Multi-Spectral Fundus Imaging - next-generation computer-vision for teleretinal screening and monitoring.
Retinal multi-spectral images contain unique spectral information that together with image-analysis and machine-learning algorithms (AI) enable detection and identification of retinal abnormalities that cannot be seen in standard fundus color images.
Our technology provides enhanced diagnostic power, that enables superior quality-of-care and cost-effectiveness of teleretinal screening and monitoring, by expanded detection capabilities and accuracy pertaining to many retinal diseases including: diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, age-related macular degeneration and many other systemic diseases.
A major advantage of the technology is that it seamlessly integrates with existing fundus cameras and teleretinal screening workflows.

Talshir Medical Technologies

Talshir Medical Technologies Ltd is the global owner and marketer of RevitalVision technology. The company develops and manufacture a unique patented training software, which improves brain visual processing, resulting in long lasting vision improvement.
RevitalVision technology addresses the needs of hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffering from different visual impairments and who, until now, had no effective alternative solution to improve their condition.



Vi-Sci develops a 6 months glaucoma treatment based on proprietary latanoprost salt and a sub-conjunctival non-biodegradable insert. Making use of a designated non-preloaded inserter the company is heading towards a phase-II study.


VisusNano is a medtechnology start-up company that is developing a drug-eluting intraocular lens, for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery. By improving patient outcomes, obviating the need for eye drops after surgery, and avoiding a second surgical procedure, our technology has the potential to revolutionise cataract surgery.

We have developed a novel biodegradable polymer-based drug elution system which can be attached to the intraocular lens, allowing slow, controlled release of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti- proliferative agents. Our design ensures that the IOL optical properties are not compromised. A drug-eluting IOL prevents cell proliferation and reduces the risk of infection and inflammation, and avoid the need for eye drops or postoperative laser treatment.