June 18th, 2020 at the following times:

10:00 am - 12:00 noon Pacific Time
1:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern Time
8:00 - 10:00 pm Israel Time


BELKIN Laser is a clinical-stage medical-device company, developing an automated one-second laser treatment, aimed at promoting accessibility to glaucoma care, allowing any ophthalmologist and eye care providers to treat many more patients, as first line treatment. BELKIN’s technology applies to all glaucoma types, and pioneers treatment for ACG, most prevalent among Asian populations.

Globally 130M people have glaucoma and OHT, however there are only 200,000 ophthalmologists and just 6,000 glaucoma specialists to treat them. Only high-end technology can bridge this gap. BELKIN’s non-contact, painless and fast treatment is activated via touchscreen, controlled by a high-resolution image acquisition algorithm and proprietary eye tracker. Its use will dramatically increase the number of treated patients, in central and rural areas, opening new revenue streams for clinics and hospitals.

CorNeat Vision

CorNeat Vision technological platform provides the means for permanently embedding and bio-mechanically integrating synthetic materials with the human tissue. We couple our bio-integrating capabilities with innovative designs to address unmet ophthalmic needs.

Our first two products, the CorNeat EverPatch (an artificial sclera) and the CorNeat KPro (a synthetic cornea) are entering the clinical phase in the first half of 2020. We are also developing an award winning glaucoma device which will complete its pre-clinical phase in Q1 2021.

Diagnostear logo 23.2


DiagnosTear Ltd. develops an innovative Dry-Eye diagnostic test namely TeaRX.
TeaRx is a diagnostic solution that provides a multi-parameter, objective, rapid, simple, semi-quantitative analysis of tear film to identify one or more underlying causes of DES. We believe TeaRx has the potential to be both a clinically valuable point-of-care test as well as a companion diagnostic test that addresses the need for rapid testing and personalized medicine. We expect TeaRx to be a cost-effective, easy-to-use and objective solution that will allow eye-care professionals to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from symptoms of DES, including those who may otherwise be undiagnosed or unidentified.

EyeYon Medical

EyeYon Medical is a start-up company specialized in developing medical ophthalmic devices, which offer unique solutions for various corneal complications, including corneal edema. EyeYon Medical has promising, exclusive technologies that have proven the feasibility of a solution to an acute problem in the ophthalmic world.
EyeYon’s developmentts are:
1. EndoArt® - an Artificial Endothelial layer. EndoArt® provides a solution made of a polymer film implant which is attached to the posterior corneal surface, thereby replacing the need for human tissue for curing corneal edema.
2. Hyper-CL™ - a unique design therapeutic contact lens for corneal healing. The lens special design creates a reservoir for eye drops, thus acting as a drug depo device to increase bio-availability.

Notal Vision

An Ophthalmic Home Diagnostic Services company, Notal Vision extends retina disease management from the clinic to the home to improve vision outcomes, reduce patient burden, and address healthcare costs. With a proven approach to the home testing experience, patient-operated devices, and real-time AI-enabled data interpretation, we are advancing eyecare through precision medicine. It is this unique assembly of core competencies that enables us to deliver personalized eyecare to patients. Retinal diseases that present with acute onset, unpredictable activity, and varying drug response pose challenges to healthcare and create addressable unmet needs. Home Diagnostic Services support the promise of enabling patients to retain functional vision throughout their years-long disease journey.


NovaSight brings pediatric vision care into the digital age. Our integrated eye-tracking AI based solutions for accurate vision assessment and efficient treatment are specifically designed for the unique needs and attention span of children.
NovaSight’s CureSight™ device is a home treatment device for Amblyopia based on eye tracking and 3D real time image processing. It allows for a fun treatment at the comfort of home while watching unlimited variety of TV, videos and games streamed online.
The EyeSwift device is a comprehensive vision assessment device that is running 11 different vision tests and is available worldwide.
NovaSight’s management and scientific advisory board are comprised of experienced executives, researchers and key opinion leaders in the field of pediatric vision care.

OphRx 2020


OphRx develops an ocular drug delivery platform, under a global license, based on unique molecular structuring technology enabling the solubiliztion of a wide range of active pharmaceutical molecules and their release at designated target areas. The platform can carry small to mid-sized molecules and is indifferent to hydrophobic / hydrophilic constrains.
OphRx already developed several formulations which all successfully passed tolerability studies. Two products are enroute to POC and have passed pre-clinical animal studies in specific diseases models.

Senseyez 2020


SensEyez is a seed-stage Israeli startup, owning what could be a game-changing retinal imaging technology for teleretinal screening and monitoring - Snapshot Multi-Spectral Fundus Imaging - next-generation computer-vision for teleretinal screening and monitoring.
Retinal multi-spectral images contain unique spectral information that together with image-analysis and machine-learning algorithms (AI) enable detection and identification of retinal abnormalities that cannot be seen in standard fundus color images.
Our technology provides enhanced diagnostic power, that enables superior quality-of-care and cost-effectiveness of teleretinal screening and monitoring, by expanded detection capabilities and accuracy pertaining to many retinal diseases including: diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, age-related macular degeneration and many other systemic diseases.
A major advantage of the technology is that it seamlessly integrates with existing fundus cameras and teleretinal screening workflows.