September 10th, 2020 at the following time:
1:00 - 4:00 pm Eastern Time

Adverum Biotechnologies

Adverum is a clinical-stage gene therapy company targeting unmet medical needs in ocular and rare diseases. Adverum develops gene therapy product candidates designed to provide durable efficacy by inducing sustained expression of a therapeutic protein. The company has collaboration agreements with Regeneron Pharmaceuticalsand Editas Medicine. Adverum’s core capabilities include clinical development, novel vector discovery and in-house manufacturing expertise, specifically in scalable process development, assay development, and current Good Manufacturing Practices quality control.

GenSight Biologics

GenSight Biologics S.A. is a clinical-stage biopharma company focused on discovering and developing innovative gene therapies for retinal neurodegenerative diseases and central nervous system disorders. GenSight Biologics’ pipeline leverages two core technology platforms, the Mitochondrial Targeting Sequence (MTS) and optogenetics to help preserve or restore vision in patients suffering from blinding retinal diseases. GenSight Biologics’ lead product candidate, GS010, is in Phase III trials in Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), a rare mitochondrial disease that leads to irreversible blindness in teens and young adults. Using its gene therapy-based approach, GenSight Biologics’ product candidates are designed to be administered in a single treatment to each eye by intravitreal injection to offer patients a sustainable functional visual recovery.

Aviceda Therapeutics

Aviceda Ophthalmics is a biotech company focused on the next generation of glyco-immune therapeutics (GIT's) leveraging the Glyco-Code® technology platform to address inflammatory diseases of the innate immune system.

Disease driven by dysregulation of the innate immune-inflammatory response is frequently a result of the same chronically activated, non-resolving cellular and non-cellular innate immune pathways. By unraveling the universal functionality of the Glyco-Code® and accessing the corresponding glyco-immune checkpoints, Aviceda can address a wide range of ocular immune-inflammatory, degenerative, and fibrotic diseases with significant unmet medical needs.

At Aviceda Ophthalmics, we exploit a unique family of receptors found expressed on all innate immune cells and their associated glycobiological interactions to develop transformative medicines. Combining the power of our biology with our innovative cell-based high-throughput screening (HTS) platform and proprietary nanoparticle technology, we are able to modulate the innate immune response specifically and profoundly.

Aviceda Ophthalmics is developing a pipeline of GITs that are delivered via biodegradable nanoparticles and which safely and effectively target both cellular and humoral aspects of inflammatory processes in AMD; this work will lay the groundwork for future development of GITs targeting other immune-inflammatory conditions.

Aviceda Ophthalmics’ lead optimized candidate nanoparticle as an intravitreal formulation, AVD-104, is being developed to target various immune system responses that contribute to pathology associated with non-exudative (Dry) AMD. GITs are the only therapeutics platform that can target BOTH cellular and humoral (i.e, complement) aspects of innate immune response profoundly and specifically, which differentiates from previous strategies to attenuate immune responses in non-exudative (Dry) AMD that focused only on shutting down humoral components of the immune response.


IVERIC bio is a biotechnology company with a focus on the discovery and development of novel gene therapy solutions to treat orphan inherited retinal diseases with unmet medical needs.


At jCtye our mission is to develop a 1st line intravitreal cell therapy that prevents photoreceptor cell death and blindness for a broad spectrum of retinitis pigmentosa (RP) patients, with the potential of addressing other blinding diseases.

ONL Therapeutics

Based on its industry-leading expertise in retinal neuroprotection, ONL is developing breakthrough, first-in-class treatments for serious, vision-threatening retinal diseases and conditions. Preclinical in vivo data, along with a growing body of literature, support application of the company’s technology platform in retinal detachment, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and non-infectious uveitis, among other chronic retinal diseases.