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The Ophthalmology Innovation Summit unites Industry, Entrepreneurial and Clinical Leaders.
Below are the companies who are signed up to date to attend.


Sophia Pathai, Global Medical Director

Richard Coulon, President & CEO

Ace Vision Group
AnnMarie Hipsley, MD, Founder & CEO

Achillion Pharmaceuticals
Anthony Gibney

John Higuchi, CEO
Kongnara Papangkorn, Vice President, Product Development

Action Potential Venture Capital
Juan-Pablo Mas, Partner

Magda Michna, Chief Global Clinical & Regulatory Affairs Officer
Yari Mitchell, VP, Medical Affairs & Business Strategy
Al Waterhouse, CEO

Joseph Donadoni, Director, Business Development

Advanced Vision Care
Neda Shamie, Ophthalmologist

Supra Verma, MD, Medical Director

Aerie Pharmaceuticals
Paul Bae, VP, Human Resources, Commercial
Eric Carlson, VP, Head, R&D
Evan Hockman, Product Director
Richard Lewis, Chief Medical Office
Mike McCleerey, VP, Portfolio Development
Kathy McGinley, VP, Human Resources and Corp. Services
Hayley McKee, Director, Clinical Research
Deanne Melloy, VP, Marketing
Gary Menichini, VP, Sales
Tom Mitro, COO & President
Teresa Panas, Consultant
Nancy Ramirez, Director, Clinical Project Management
Judy Robertson, Chief Commercial Officer
Beth Schultz-Scott, VP, Medical Affiars
Huan Sheng, Director, Clinical Research & Drug Safety
Craig Skenes, VP, Business Development
Carmen Wasserman, Chief Compliance Officer & Corporate Counsel

Aerpio Pharmaceuticals
Mitchell Brigell, PhD, VP, Clinical Research - Ophthalmology
Joseph Gardner, PhD, President & Founder
Stephen Hoffman, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Office
Stephen Pakola, Chief Medical Officer
Michael Rogers, Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Feinsod, Interim Chief Medical Office
Susan Washer, President & CEO

Regina Assaf, Director, Portfolio & Stakeholder Strategy
Ron Bruns, Executive Director Branded Ophthalmics
Adrienne Graves, PhD, Independent Director
Diane Houtman, VP, Professional Relations
Jon Kafer, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
Brett Novak, Senior Vice President Commerical Operations
Rhonda Pavicich, Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
David Rubaltelli, Assistant Professor

Stephanie Ainscow, Global Head, Commercial Solutions
Dwight Akerman, Global Head, Professional Affairs
Josh Anderson, Global Director, Surgical Retina
Laurent Attias, SVP, Corporate Development Strategy
Jonathan Balch, Head, US Vision Care Marketing
Michael Cardamone, Global Director, Vitreoretinal Market Development
Costin Curatu, PhD, Head, Search & Evaluation - Surgical, Business Development & Licensing
Wes Elden, Global Product Director, Surgical Retina
David Endicott, CEO
Brant Gillen, Global Product Director, Toric IOL
Pavel Ginter, Global Brand Director, Innovation
Selena Godoy, Business Development & Licensing, Search and Evaluation
Mark Gordon, Global Head, Regulatory Affairs
Paul Hallen, Global Head, Surgical Vitreoretinal & Glaucoma
Alan Landers, Head, Search & Evaluation Vision Care
Sebastiano Leoni, Global Head, Surgical Suite
Kendra Lohrmeyer, Business Development & Licensing
Sudhir Mahakali, Global Director
Patrick Mathews, Head, BD&L Transactions
Kent McCarty, Business Development & Licensing
Rob Moore, Global Director, Strategic Innovation, IOLs
Kevin Oliver, Head, Global Alliances
Patrick Sadd, Global Director, CAT Marketing
Matthew Snakenberg, Head, Global BD&L
Jay Stark, Global Director, Surgical Glaucoma
Ahmet Tezel, VP & Surgical Franchise Head, R&D
Soren Tietze, Global Product Director-Glaucoma
Catherine Truitt, Head, Search & Evaluation Surgical
Luxin Wang, Regional Surgical Head
Stephanie Waugh, Global Head, Ocular Health
Jason Weems, Head, Global BD&L Vision Care
Max Wolf, Global Head, Intraocular Lenses

Aldeyra Therapeutics
David McMullin, SVP, Corporate Development & Strategy
Christopher Pearson, Commercialization Consultant

Alimera Sciences
Rick Eiswirth, President & CFO
Ken Green, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Global Head, Research & Development
Phil Haldar, VP, Marketing Director EMEA
Steve Morris, Vice President & Head of Medical Affairs, EMEA
Dan Myers, CEO

All Eyes Consulting
Namrata Saroj, OD, Director

Allegro Ophthalmics
Laurens Bouckaert, Marketing Consultant
Michele Gray, Marketing & Communications
Hampar Karageozian, Executive Chairman
Vicken Karageozian, MD, President & CEO
John Park, Chief Scientific Officer, VP, Mfg Development

Marina Bejanian, Executive Director
Taryn Conway, Associate Vice-President, Eye Care Marketing
Frances Desena, VP, US Brand & R&D Communications
John Donello, VP, Research Pharmacology
Jag Dosanjh, SVP, Eye Care
Douglas Faunce, Executive Director, External Science & Innovation
Yehia Hashad, Vice President
Gavin Herbert, Founder
Ripple Kakkar, Executive Director, Retina
Sig Kirk, EVP, Corporate Business Development
Dave LeCause, VP, U.S. Eye Care Sales
William Meury, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer
David Nicholson, Chief R&D Officer
Jai G Parekh, MD, VP, Global Medical Affairs/Chief Medical Office, Eye Care & Dermatology
Michael Robinson, MD, VP & Therapeutic Area Head, Anterior Segment & Consumer Eye Care
Baldo Scassellati Sforzolini, MD, PhD, SVP, Clinical Development
Werner Schmidt, Clinical Development-Executive Director
Michelle Senchyna, PhD, Executive Director, Eye Care
Chuck Silberstein, SVP
Julian Smith, Executive Director, US Portfolio Expansion
Andrew Stewart, Associate VP US Commercial Eye Care
Ramin Valian, VP Marketing - Interventional Glaucoma, Reimbursement & Pipeline

Allied Minds
Omar Amirana, MD, Senior Vice President

David Muller, CEO

American Academy of Ophthalmology
Jane Aguirre, VP, Membership & Alliances
Dale Fajardo, VP, Education
Flora Lum, VP, Quality & Data Science
Todd Lyckberg, Director, Development
David Parke, MD, CEO

Jeff Rona, CFO

Angeles Eye Institute
Daniel Krivoy, MD, Physician

Hugo Quiroz-Mercado, MD, MD Research Director

Apellis Pharmaceuticals
Cedric Francois, CEO
Natalie Gagne, Associate Director, Clinical Operations
Federico Grossi, EVP, Clinical Development & Medical Affairs
Mohamed Hamdani, Senior Director, Biostatistics
Ramiro Ribeiro, Medical Director
Lukas Scheibler, EVP, Translational Medicine
Ryan Wade, Director, Corporate Communications

Travis Lindsay, President

Aptitude Medical Systems
Qiang Gong, Founder & COO

Andrew Levien, CEO
Barry Schafer, Vice President Sales & Marketing

AsclepiX Therapeutics
Wendy Perrow, CEO

Don Bell, Chief Operating Officer
Steve Speares, Executive Director

ASICO / P.S.Therapy
Ravi Nallakrishnan, Managing Director

Associated Eye Care
Stephen Lane, Physician & Partner

Associated Retinal Consultants
Michael Trese, MD, President & Co-Founder

Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Lancey Cowan, Chief Meetings Officer

Takeshi Kurama, Director
Jotaro Suzuki, PhD, Executive Director
Eiji Ueyama, Senior Director & Global Development Project Leader

Athyrium Capital Management
Laurent Hermouet, Partner

Atia Vision
Mariam Maghribi, President & CEO

Aura Biosciences
Elisabet de los Pinos, CEO
Julie Feder, Chief Financial Officer
Michele Keough, Senior VP, R&D Operations
Cadmus Rich, Chief Medical Officer
Alan Walts, Executive Chairman

Aurea Medical
Anthony Caparso, President & CEO

John Frantzis, VP, Global Sales
Dave Iannetta, VP, Marketing
Rajesh Rajpal, MD, Chief Medical Officer
James Schuermann, Chief Business Officer
Reza Zadno, PhD, President & CEO

Avellino Labs
Lynn Kim, Chief, Staff
Gene Lee, Chairman & Founder
Benedetto Sgroi, VP, International Marketing & Sales
Kim Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer

Aviceda Therapeutics
Mohamed Genead, MD, President, CEO & Co-Founder

Neil Berkley, Cheif Business Officer
Achim Krauss, PhD, President & CEO

Azura Ophthalmics
Yair Alster, MD
Charles Bosworth, Chief Medical Officer
Marc Gleeson, CEO


Ron Bache, President & CEO

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Richard Awdeh, MD
Kendall Donaldson, MD, Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Terrence O'brien, Professor of Ophthalmolgy Charlotte Breyer Rodgers Distinguished Chair
Terrence O'Brien, MD, Director of the Refractive Surgery Service

Bausch + Lomb
Ernest Bravo, Director, Marketing
David Fisher, VP, Marketing
Charles Hess, VP & General Manager, US Surgical
Robert Kissling, MD, VP, Medical Affairs
Kristy Marks, Director, Corporate Communications
Cal Roberts, MD, SVP, Chief Medical Officer
Tracy Valorie, SVP, General Manager US Pharmaceuticals & Surgical Business

Bausch Health Companies
Zach Pfauth, Manager, Business Development and Partnership Alliances
Johnson Varughese, VP, Global Clinical Services
Jon Williams, Senior Director, Clinical Affairs

Bay Area Retina Associates
Tushar Ranchod, Partner

Friedrich Asmus, Global Clinical Leader, Ophthalmology
Thomas Cordaro, Head, Ophthalmology Pipeline
Rafiq Hasan, MD, VP & Global Head, Ophthalmology
Dmitrij Hristodorov, Senior Director, Early Licensing
Daniel Janer, Global Medical Affairs
steve jones, Bayer

Baylor College of Medicine
Jack Holladay, MD, Clinical Professor, Ophthalmology
Christina Weng, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

Beaumont Eye Institute
George Williams, Director

Belkin Laser
Daria Leman Blumenthal, CEO

Berrocal & Associates
Maria Berrocal, MD, Director & Owner

Beyeonics Surgical
Ron Schneider, CEO

Shrikant Rahalkar, VP of Marketing
Adrian Roji, Chief Commercial Officer
Amy Tseng, President & CEO
Scheffer Tseng, Chief Technical Officer
Frank Young, MD, EVP of Regulatory Affairs

Suzana Nahum Zilberberg, CEO

BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Brinda Balakrishnan, MD, PhD, Group VP, Corporate & Business Development

Bionic Vision Technologies
Julie Quinn, CEO

Dave Mildrew, Managing Director

Bios Partners
Stella M. Robertson, Co-Founder

Bluestem Capital
Andrew Doshier, Associate
Jon Kirby, Senior Associate
Tyler Stowater, Vice President

Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH
Andrea Giani, Senior Clinical Program Leader

BroadSpot Imaging
Bart Bandy, CEO & President

Bryn Mawr Communications
Janet Burk, Publisher
David Cox, President & Co-Founder
Stephen Daily, Executive Editor, News
Ranna Jaraha, Host, EyewireTV
David Levine, EVP Digital & Custom Media

Bucci Laser Vision Institute
Frank Bucci, Jr., Medical Director


C20/20 - OptimEyes
Frances Lasowski, CEO

Cambridge Consultants
Luis Diaz-Santana, Business Development Manager

Capwell Communications
Kimberly Capwell, CEO
Lynne Russo, PR Specialist

Carl Zeiss Meditec
Wayne Caulder, Head, US Sales, OPT & MCS
Andrew Chang, Head, Global Sales - Ophthalmic Devices
Jan Willem de Cler, SVP, Surgical Ophthalmology
Roberto Deger, Chief Financial Officer
Laurie Ferguson, Head, OPT Global Communications
Jim Mazzo, Global President, Ophthalmic Devices
Scott Meyer, Director, Strategic Business Development
James O'Connor, Global Director, KOLs
Angelo Rago, Global Head, Ophthalmic Diagnostics
Karlheinz Rein, SVP & Head, Business Sector Surgical Ophthalmology
Steve Schallhorn, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Alice Swinton, Director, Global Communications

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
Mikhail Boukhny, PhD, Head, R&D Surgical Ophthalmology
Amelie Koch, Assistant, Executive Board
Ludwin Monz, PhD, President & CEO
Dirk Muehlhoff, VP, Refractive Laser Business Unit
Petra Popp, Senior Vice President Global Service & Customer Care
Peter Schrutka-Rechtenstamm, Senior Director, Regulatory & Clinical Affairs
Justus Wehmer, CFO

Carl Zeiss Meditec Digital Innovations
Jeremiah Elliott, COO
Kyle Smith, CEO

Carle Foundation Hospital
Leanne Labriola, Ophthalmologist

Michelle Tarver, MD, PhD, Medical Officer

Cell Care Therapeutics
Nicolas Sohl, CEO

Center for Retinal and Macular Diseases
Leonid Lerner, Physician

Century Vision Global
Chris Moore, President

Chandler Chicco Agency
Edie Elkinson, Consultant

Charles Retina Institute
Steve Charles, MD, Founder & Chairman

Marijo Montgomery, Vice President, Sponsorship Sales

Chengdu Kanghong Biotech
Yan Cheng, MD, PhD, CMO
Shawn Shearn, Director of Clinical Operation

Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical Group
Li Liu, PhD, Associate Director of Corporate Development
Xiao Ke, MD, Executive VP
Zunhong Ke, Chairman

Joshua Parks, Founder

CHU Clermont Ferrand
Hayette Rebika, Corporate Medical Affairs Director

Cincinnati Eye Institute/University of Cincinnati
Ed Holland, MD, Director, Cornea Services/Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology

Clarion Healthcare
Carol Kearney, Managing Director

Claris Bio
Clarke Atwell, President & CEO

Emmett Cunningham, Jr., MD, PhD, MPH, Managing Director

ClearChoice LASIK
Jeffrey Kissinger, Managing Partner

Clearside Biomedical
Charlie Deignan, CFO
Rick McElheny, VP, Corporate Development
Glenn Noronha, Chief Scientific Officer
Brion Raymond, Chief Commercial Officer
Daniel White, President & CEO

ClearView Healthcare Partners
Chris Von Seggern, Partner
Debbie Zhuang, Principal

Cleveland Eye Clinic
William Wiley, MD

Clínica Chanis
Raúl Chanis, MD

Clinical Research Consultants
Barbara Fant, PharmD, President

ClinReg Consulting Services
Debe Deck, Regulatory Consultant
Maureen Johnson, Regulatory Consultant
Lee Kramm, Senior Regulatory Consultant
Roger Meyer, PhD, Opthalmologist

CODET Vision Institute
Gerardo Pozos, COO

Coleman Vision
Stephen Coleman MD, Director

Columbia University Medical Center
Lama Al-Aswad, MD, MPH
Stephen Trokel, MD, Professor, Ophthalmology

Compact Imaging
Don Bogue, CEO

Stacy Evans, MD, CEO

Arthur Back, PhD, Head, Scientific Affairs

Howard Mendelsohn, CFO
Monty Montoya, President & CEO
Bob Stevens, CTO

Corps Medical Supply
David Bussa
Thomas Bussa, CFO


David E. Freilich MD, PLLC
David Freilich, MD

Eran Eilat
Ronen Shoushan, CEO

Dompé U.S.
Nathalie Dompé, CEO
Ashley Kline, General Manager

Drusolv Therapeutics
John Edwards, CEO

Duke University Eye Center
Carolina Betancurt, Director Center for Ocular Immunology
Preeya Gupta, MD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Cornea & Refractive Surgery

Duke University Medical Center
Eleonora Lad, Associate Professor, Ophthalmology, Director, Grading Duke Reading Center
Shivanand Lad, MD, PhD, Vice Chair, Innovation, Department of Neurosurgery

Durrie Vision
Daniel Durrie, MD, Founder


elCON Enterprises
Eliot Lazar, MD, President

Bernhard Lobmayr, Business Development Manager
Victor Previn
Phil Prosser, CTO
Tom Spurling, CEO
Joaquin Wolff, President

Encompass Pharmaceutical Services
Thomas Rowe, President

Engaged Communication
Liana Miller, CEO

Gary Berman, Chief Business Officer
Matt Larson, President & COO
Paul Yoo, VP, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Etani Fajardo, Executive Director, Business Development
Luca Sergio, CEO & Owner
Mike Smolinsky, Chief Content Officer

Dara Conlon, Executive Vice President

Terry Dagnon, Senior Vice President

Kristen McCoy, Vice President Innovations

Debra Schaumberg, Vice President, Scientific Affairs

Evolve Medical Education
Alan Guralnick, President

Evolve Therapeutics
Donald Fishbein, President

EW Healthcare Partners
Brooks Andrews, Principal

Catherine Beech
Loic Lhuillier, Program Director

ExSight Ventures
James Murray, Partner

Eye & Retinaspecialist UK
Paulo Stanga, Professor in Ophthalmology

Eye Center of Northern Colorado
Gary Foster, MD

Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha
Paul Singh, MD

Rama Jager, CMO

Eye Doctors of Washington
Thomas Clinch, MD

Soeren Anker Nielsen, CEO & Founder

eyeBrain Medical
Davis Corley, President & CEO

Tony Moses, CEO

EyeD Pharma
Marc Foidart, Executive Chairman
Melanie Mestdagt, CEO

Mitul Mehta, Chief Medical Officer

EyeGate Pharma
Stephen From, CEO
Mike Garanzini, Chief Commercial Officer
Michael Manzo, VP, Engineering
Sarah Romano, Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Murphy, CEO

John Gandolfo, CFO
Sean Ianchulev, CEO
Curt LaBelle, Corporate Director
Michael Rowe, Vice President

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals
Paul Barone, VP, Buesiness Development
Tom Hadley, VP, Marketing & Sales
Nancy Lurker, President & CEO
Dario Paggiarino, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Keyur Patel, Head, Medical Affairs
David Price, Chief Financial Officer
Eric Toppy, VP Market Access
Jack Weet, SVP Regulatory Affairs & Quality

EyeQ Research
Michael Lachman, President

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals
Mark Jasek, Chief Scientific officer
Brent Jones, VP, Sales
Jerry St. Peter, CEO
Jason Werner, COO
Wes Brazell, Chief Financial Officer
Christian Murray, Director of Marketing

Patricia Zilliox, CEO & President

Jessica Donohoe, Director, Special Projects
Amy Goldenberg, Editor
Julio Guerrero, Videographer
Molly Phillips, Sales Representative
Ellen Stodola, Senior Staff Writer
Josh Young, MD, Physician Interviewer
Paul Zelin, Sales Representative

Bruce Littman, CEO
MaryJane Rafii, Chief Development Officer


Family Eye Physicians
Mohammad Al-Khudari, President

Kesia Alexander, Deputy Director
Wiley Chambers, MD, Supervisory Medical Officer, Ophthalmology
Malvina Eydelman, MD, Director, Division of Ophthalmic and Ear, Nose & Throat Devices
Eva Rorer, Medical Officer

Federal University of São Paulo
Eduardo Rodrigues, Professor of Ophthalmology

Fed Univ S Brazil Vision Institute
Rubens Belfort, Jr. , MD PhD

Fischer BioConsult
Per Fischer, CEO

Fishkind-Bakewell-Maltzman-Hunter & Associates EyeCare & Surgery Center
Brock Bakewell, MD, Director

Flying L Partners
Jeevan Gore, COO

ForSight Labs
Eugene dejuan, Founder & Managing Member

Foulkes Vision Institute
Richard Foulkes, President

Foundation Fighting Blindness
Tom Capetan, Consultant
Rusty Kelley, VP, Investments & Alliances
Jason Menzo, Chief Operating Officer
Benjamin Yerxa, CEO

Daniel O'Donnell, Partner
David Schmickel, Partner
Paul Tibbits, Advisor


Gachon University Gil Medical Center
Dong Hyun Kim, Assistant Professor

Gainesville Eye Associates
Jack Chapman, Ophthalmologist

Galecto Biotech
Tara Heitner, PhD, Director, Business Development
Anders Pedersen, COO

Galimedix Therapeutics
Yaniv Barkana, Chief Medical Officer
Andrew Pearlman, CEO & Founder
Hermann Russ, CSO
Cary Sucoff, Director

Gateway Analytical
Antonio Scatena, Senior Sales Representative

GB Biomed Advisors GmbH
Gabriela Burian, Director

Gemini Therapeutics
Claude Knopf, Chief Business Officer
James McLaughlin, CEO
Alia Rashid, MD, Sr. Medical Director, Clinical Development
Sandra Rojas-Caro, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Johanna Seddon, MD, Senior Medical Advisor

Tony Adamis, MD, SVP, Global Head of Ophthalmology, Immunology, Infectious Disease & Metabolism, Clinical Science
Bonaventure Agata, Lifecycle Leader, Lucentis
Amitabha Bhakta, MSL
Christopher Brittain, Associate Group Medical Director,Interim Global Head of Ophthalmology
Yawen Chiang, Director, Product Optimization Lead
Signe Erickson, Senior Medical Science Director
Jill Hopkins, MD, Lead for Ophthalmology in Personalized Health Care
Monie Hussain, Disease Area Director, Ophthalmology, GPS I2O
Frank Lee, Senior Vice President, Therapeutic Area Head, I2O
Julio Lopez, Associate, Business Development
Rose Mastracci, Sr. Manager
Jamie Lee Taylor, Project Manager
Michael Verheecke, Manager
Joel Vidal-Phillips, Principal
Lane Weaver, Strategy

Gensight Biologics
Julio Benedicto, VP, Marketing
Barrett Katz, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Isabelle Scarabin, Business Development Manager
Proshato Shabestary, Industrial engineer
Magali Taiel, VP, Clinical Development

Gilead Sciences
Tim Watkins, MD, Director, Clinical Research, Respiratory & Inflammation Therapeutics

Glaucoma Center of San Francisco
Andrew Iwach, MD, Executive Director

Glaucoma Research Foundation
Thomas Brunner, President & CEO

Glauconix Biosciences
Karen Torrejon, CSO

Glaukos Corporation
Jane Rady, SVP, Corporate Strategy & Business Development

Glen Ellyn Ophthalmology Associates
Sophia M. Sarkos, MD, Ophthalmologist

Global Research Management
Lucy Bataneant, MD, Clinical Research Director

Gordon Schanzlin New Vision
Michael Gordon, Partner

Graybug Vision
Gerald Cagle, Interim CEO
Daniel Salain, Chief Operating Officer
Charles Semba, Chief Medical Officer
Kenneth Smith, Director
Valerie Smith, VP, Global Clinical Development Operations
Karl Trass, VP, Global Regulatory Affairs
Pamela Wapnick, CFO

Guggenheim Securities
Cameron Taylor, Vice President

Gyroscope Therapeutics
Soraya Bekkali, MD, CEO
Simon Dew, VP, Corporate Strategy


HanAll Biopharma
Hyeakyung Ahn, Head, BioResearch Center
Edward Bernton, Medical Advisor
Joo Hyun Chae, Assistant Manager
Seung Kook Park, CEO & President
Minjae Shin, Executive Director, HPI

Hatteras Venture Partners
Ben Scruggs, Associate

Heidelberg Engineering
Kfir Azoulay, VP & Head, Corporate Strategy

Hemera Biosciences
Elias Reichel, MD, Founder
Adam Rogers, CEO

Henry Crown and Family
Gerrit Adams
Clayton Witter

Hospital de Olhos de Sao Paulo
Jorge Mitre, MD, Doctor

Courtney Smith, Director, Business Development & Licensing
Carla Vozone, Vice President, Product Development & Licensing

Hoya Corporation
James Kaiser, Strategist, VC Group
Ryosuke Kakishima, Marketing director

HumanOptics AG
Pierre Billardon, CEO


IanTech Medical
Jaime Martiz, Director

Suzanne Grant, CEO & Co-Founder

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Stephen Klyce, Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmology

iCandy Consulting
Candace Simerson, President & CEO

Iconic Therapeutics
Brandon Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Linda Danielson, COO, EVP
Thao Pham, Project Manager

Illinois Institute, Technology
Jennifer Kang-Mieler, PhD, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Illinois Retina Associates
John Pollack, MD, Partner

ILSUNG Pharmaceuticals
Minyoung Jung, Director

Imex Clinic
Jose Maria Gimeno, President

Indiana University School of Medicine
Louis Cantor, MD, Chair & Professor
Thomas Ciulla, MD, MBA, Volunteer Clinical Professor
Alon Harris, Professor, Ophthalmology

InfiniteVision Optics
Carsten Laue, CEO

InFocus Capital Partners
Robert Rothman, MD, Managing Partner
Ron Weiss, Managing Member

InFocus Clinical
Brad Doerschuk, President, CEO

InnFocus, Inc. - a Santen Company
Leonard Pinchuk, Founder

Instituto da Visão MS
Alvaro Hilgert

Instituto de Oftalmologia Tadeu Cvintal
Victor Cvintal, Director

Interface Biologics
Thomas Reeves, President & CEO

International BioMedical Devices
Steve Bryant, CEO

InterWest Partners
Gilbert Kliman, MD, Managing Director

Ronen Castro, CEO

Cagri Besirli, Co-Founder and CMO
David Robinson, Chief Commercial Officer
Stephen Smith, Founder & CEO

Iris Advanced Eye Centre, CMC, Chandigarh
Raman Bedi, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Iris Pharma
Pierre Paul Elena, Chief Scientific Officer
Yann Quentric, President
Erwann Wydauw, Head, Clinical Operations

Istanbul Bilim University
Murat Oncel, MD, Professor, Ophthalmology

iSTAR Medical
Zubair Hussain, Vice President, Regulatory & Clinical Affairs
Michel Vanbrabant, CEO

iuvo BioScience
Ben Burton, President & CEO

iVeena Delivery Systems
Michael Burr, VP Product Development


Jacksoneye, SC
Mitchell Jackson, Founder/CEO

Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Cynthia Aronson, Senior Director, External Innovation Strategy and Operations, CVM
Penny Fleck, Global Head, Strategy, CVMTA
James List, Global Therapeutic Area Head, Cardiovascular & Metabolism
Scott Lundeen, Business Development

Janssen R&D - Johnson and Johnson Innovation
James Tobin, Vice President

JCG Consulting Group
Jim Chiapetta, CEO
Paul Rockley, Chief Commercial Officer

Paul Bresge, CEO

Marc Ferrara, CEO, Jobson Information Services Group
Bill Scott, President, Jobson ECP Business Services

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Al Sommer, Professor

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Justin Hanes, PhD,

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
Amy House, Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships

Johnson & Johnson Vision
Caroline Blackie, OD, PhD, Medical Director, Ocular Surface Disease
Hassan Chaouk, Director External Inovation
Joy Domingo, Global Medical Director
Stephanie Heller, Head HR
Donna Lorenson, VP, Communications
JD Moore, VP, Business Strategy & Business Development
Xiao-Yu Song, PhD, Global Head, R&D
Jonathan Talamo, MD, Chief Medical Officer, VP, Medical & Clinical Affairs

Johnson & Johnson Vision, Surgical
Griff Altmann, Head, R&D, Surgical Instrumentation
Leonard Borrmann, Head, External Innovation
Tom Frinzi, Worldwide President, Surgical
Andy Greenfeld, Marketing Director, Global
Kenneth Kadziauskas, Director, Upstream Marketing, Surgical
Leanne Kahn, Head, Global Communications
Raymond Kong, VP, Commercial Americas, Surgical
Terence Koritz, VP, Global Strategic Marketing, Surgical
Richard Minevich, Sr. Mgr. Business Development
Giulia Newton, Director Commercial Operations
Steve Parks, Global Director, Strategic Accounts & BD
MK Raheja, Global Head, Cataract R&D, Surgical
Matt Rieke, Senior Director, New Business Development, Surgical
Thomas Ruggia, VP, Customer Experience, Surgical
Brian Schwam, MD, Sr. Director, External Innovation & Medical Science Strategy
Julie Speed, SR. Director, Americas Marketing
Troy Wu, Sr. Director, Business Development

J.P. Morgan
David Peoples, Executive Director


Kaiser Associates
Dan O'Neill, Senior Vice President
Bob Serrano, Senior Vice President

Kala Pharmaceuticals
Kim Brazzell, PhD, Chief Medical Officer
Hongming Chen, Chief Scientific Officer
Felix Dover, Sr. Director, Medical Specialty Liaison
Mark Iwicki, Chairman & CEO
Kate Kline, VP, Marketing

Kala RX
Steven Zhang,

Kang Hong Pharmaceutical
Andrew Liu, VP Corporate Development

Katairo GmbH
Wolfgang Klein, CEO
Roland Mirow, Business Development

Kedalion Therapeutics
Peter Noymer, CEO

Keio University
Hidenaga Kobashi, Associate Professor
Kazuo Tsubota, Prof. and Department Chair

Yimin Shiuey, Chief Operating Officer

Julian Maughan

KH Hospital
YI LI, Manager

Kodiak Sciences
Jason Ehrlich, Chief Medical Officer & Chief Development Officer
Joel Naor, MD, VP, Clinical Science & Development Operations

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Arjun Arora, Principal
Kal Rao, Associate
Roger Sawhney, Director, Healthcare

Kraff Eye Institute
Colman Kraff, Owner


Laboratoires Thea
Colin Francou, Business Development Manager
Céline Olmiere, Preclinical Scientific Studies Manager

Paul Gavaris, MD, Managing Member
Chris Geddes, MD, Biochemical Consultant

Lagunita Biosciences
Darius Kharabi, COO

LaserCare Eye Center
Sidney Gicheru, President

Leerink Partners
Michael Giaquinto, Senior Managing Director

Legrande Corporation
Taylor Distler, Director, Business Development
Alex Lopez, COO
Anthony Sine, CEO

Leipzig University, Germany
Peter Wiedemann, Professor

Nick Curtis, President & CEO

Michael Landreville, COO
David Lawrence, Chief Business Officer
Ramgopal Rao, CEO
Jake Vander Zanden, Principal Consultant

Robin Sears, CEO

Leo Lens Technology
Kenny Key, COO, General Counsel

Chris Brown, CFO
Saiid Davari, VP, Investigator Relations
Chad Ice, CEO

Lifecore Biomedical
Richard Sitarz, VP, Commercial Development
Kipling Thacker, CSO & VP

Life Biosciences
Phil Lambert, SVP, Discovery and Labs

LifeSci Public Relations
Alison Chen, Public Relations Account Supervisor
Kristin Politi, Senior Account Executive

Lightstone Ventures
Anne Rubin, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Link Consulting
Marsha Link, PhD, Principal

Rafael Ezra, CEO

London Vision Clinic
Paulo Eduardo Stanga

Long Beach Eye Care Associates
Donald Schwartz, Physician

Longitude Capital
Juliet Bakker, Managing Director

Lubrizol LifeSciences
Joey Glassco, Global Market Manager

Lugene Eye Institute
Sherif El-Harazi, MD, President

Duane Morrison, VP, Sales
Tracy Puckett, Marketing Consultant
Clark Tedford, PhD, President & CEO

Lutronic Vision
Jhung Won Vojir, COO


MAG Optics
Geeta Singh, Co-Founder & CEO

Market Scope
William Freeman, Vice President
Kristen Harmon Ingenito, Director, Ophthalmics

Massachusetts Eye & Ear
Bonnie Brodowski, Director, Corporate & International Development
Joseph Ciolino, MD, Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Reza Dana, Claes H. Dohlman Professor, Ophthalmology
Deborah Jacobs, MD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Part-time
Ojas Mehta, Director, Intellectual Property & Commercial Ventures
Joan Miller, Chief & Chair, Ophthalmology
James A. Stefater, Fellow
Tomasz Stryjewski, MD, Ophthalmologist

Mati Therapeutics
Bob Butchofsky, CEO
Chris Muller, CCO

MC2 Therapeutics A/S
Chris Billis, Chief Commercial Officer
Lonni Goltermann, Executive Assistant
Frédéric Gomez, Business Development
Jesper J. Lange, President
Morten Praestegaard, VP, Operations

Mcmaster University
Heather Sheardown, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Media MICE
Robert Anderson, Writer
Matt Young, Creative Content Director

Medical University of South Carolina
George Magrath, Assistant Professor

Ben Paulson, Business Development Manager

Mercy Eye Center
John Bussa, Ophthalmologist

Chris Pulling, CEO

Micro-Surgical Technology
Dave Scott, VP, Global Product Development

Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals
Cedric Bisson, Board member
Francois Mongrain, Chief Financial Officer

Minnesota Eye Consultants
Richard Lindstrom, MD, Founder & Attending Surgeon

Anton Petrov, COO

Moorfields Eye Hospital
Anant Sharma, Dr

Barbara Wirostko, MD, Adjunct Professor

Paul Chipperton, CEO

MT Coroneo Pty Ltd
Minas Coroneo, Professor

William Myers

Tom Dunlap, Board Member
John Hendrick, President & CEO
Taoufiq Jellal, VP, EUMEA
David Sretavan, Co-Founder & Board Member


Ali Behbahani, MD, General Partner

Needham & Co.
Serge Belanger, Analyst

Mala Dutta, PhD, Lead Office, Translational Research

Neovista Eye Institute
Andre Romano, MD, Medical Director

Nicole Thomas, VP, Marketing
Tom Chirillo, Chief Commercial Officer

Neurotech Pharmaceuticals
Kenneth Mandell, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer
Rich Small, CEO

New England Eye Center
Caroline Baumal
Jay Duker, Chairman

New York University
Siddarth Rathi, Assistant Profesor

Tera Roy, VP Business Development

Asim Shaikh
Himanshu Dubey, Mr.
Gunjan Satyawadi, Mr.

Michael Bergamini, PhD, EVP & Chief Scientific Officer
Michele Garufi, Chief Executive Officer
Krisi Lopez, Clinical Project Manager
Tomas Navratil, Vice President & Head of Development

Yusuke Mizuno, Engineer

David Fellows, CEO

Northern California Retina Vitreous Associates
Mark Wieland, MD, Physician

Northwestern University
Lee Jampol, MD, Professor

Notal Vision
Gideon Benyamini, General Manager
Bryan Bischel, Senior Director, US Field Medical Affairs
Courtney Goodwin, Director, HCP Marketing
Scott Jones, Chief Commercial Officer
Guy Katsav, Chairman
Susan Orr, OD, Chief Medical Officer & VP, Medical Affairs
Quinton Oswald, CEO

Daniela Willen, Director Clinical Development
Mara Wurm

Novaliq GmbH
Bernhard Günther, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder
Heidrun Kirsch, VP, Marketing
Sonja Kroesser, VP Preclinical & Clinical Development
Barry Linder, MD, SVP, Business Development & Medical Affairs
Schlueter Oliver, Managing Director, CFO
Christian Roesky, Managing Director & CEO

NovaQuest Capital Management
Matthew Bullard, Partner

Art Ciociola, VP, Global Franchise Head Regulatory Affairs Ophthalmology
Julie Clark, Medical Director
Fred Ellis, Head, Professional Affairs
Heather Floyd, Director, New Product Planning
Frederic Guerard, Head, Worldwide Business Franchise
Stephanie Hicks, WW Director New Products Head
Idin Jafari, MBA Intern Ophthalmology
Dimitrios Lizos, BD&L Head Search & Evaluation Ophtha
Michela Montecchi-Palmer, Global Program Clinical Head
Karen Netherton, Global Patient Access Head, Ophthalmology
Ashish Patel, Director
Gregg Stanhope, Director, Professional Affairs
Knut Sturmhoefel, Head BD&L Ophthalmology
Jehan Tamboowalla, WW Head, New Products Ophthalmology
Lixin Wang, Clinical Development Medical Director
Aileen Wrynn, Global Program Head

Novartis AG
Marisel Peverelli Salzger, WorldWide New Products Director, BF Retina New Products
Dirk Sauer, PhD, Global Development Unit Head, Ophthalmology Unit

Novo Ventures
Ken Harrison, Principal

Jeffrey Hughes, Chief Story Architect

NVision Eye Centers
Sheri Rowen, MD, Medical Director


Theresa Kramer, MD, MBA, President, CEO/CMO

Susan Drexler, Vice President, Business Development
Shankar Musunuri, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder

Ocular Instruments
Raymond Graham, Director Engineering & Research

Ocular Science
Anthony Sampietro, CEO

Ocular Surgery News
David Gordon, Account Manager
David Mullin, Senior Editorial Director
Scott Wright, Group Sales Director

Ocular Therapeutix
Scott Corning, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations
Michael Goldstein, Chief Medical Officer
Antony Mattessich, President & CEO
Donald Notman, CFO

Oculos Development Services
Ronil Patel, Business Development

Keith Ignotz, President & CEO

Ocunexus Therapeutics
Brian Levy, CEO

Michael Shine, CEO

Ocuphire Pharma
Alan Meyer, COO/CFO
Mina Sooch, CEO

Kurt Riegger, President

Winfried Teiwes, CEO & Managing Director

Oertli Instrumente AG
Thomas Bosshard, Managing Board
Lothar Knünz, Head, Product Innovation

Ohr Pharmaceutical
Jason Slakter, MD, CEO

Eric Daniels, COO
Chris Smith, Director
Brian Strem, CEO

Omar Consulting Group
Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman, CEO, Managing Consultant

Omega Ophthalmics
Rick Ifland, CEO
Gary Wortz, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Omeicos Ophthalmics
Alexander Gebauer, CEO

Omeros Corporation
Rahim Hirji, Director, Marketing

ONL Therapeutics
John Freshley, President & CEO
Andy Kocab, Manager, Research Operations

Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island
Marguerite McDonald, MD

Ophthalmology Times
Julianne Mobilian, Associate editor
Erin Schlussel, Publisher
Sheryl Stevenson, Group Editorial Director

Franziska Ullrich, CEO

David Carroll, CFO
Kathy Galante, VP, Investor Relations
David Guyer, Executive Chairman
Vishal Kapour, Vice President, Business Development
Fang lI, Vice President, Regulatory
Kouroud Rezaei, SVP, Chief Medical Officer
Glenn Sblendorio, Chief Executive Officer
Keith Westby, SVP & COO

Chris Redhead, CEO

Opthea Limited
Megan Baldwin, CEO & Managing Director
Ian Leitch, Director, Clinical Research

Anne Marie Cairns, Chief Clinical Officer

Stuart Abelson, President & CEO
Ryan Bouchard, VP, Medical Devices
Simon Chandler, Head, European Operations
Matthew Chappin, SVP, Corporate Development
Norberto Diaz, Business Development
Jeanne Hecht, MBA, PMP
David Hollander, Chief Medical Officer
Lisa Jennings, Senior Director, Global Alliances
Josh Moriarty, Executive Director
Michihito Onishi, Director, Business Development
George Ousler, VP, Dry Eye
Aron Shapiro, SVP & Chief Commercial Officer
Julie Shorten, Business Development Manager

ORASIS Pharmaceuticals
Elad Kedar, CEO

Sevgi Gurkan, Venture Partner
Chau Khuong, Private Equity Partner
Anat Naschitz, Managing Director

Orbit Biomedical
Michael Keane, CTO

Oregon Health & Science Institute
David Huang, Peterson Professor of Ophthalmology and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

OSF Healthcare Innovation
Garrett Vygantas, Managing Director

Oxular Limited
Thomas Cavanagh, CEO

Oxurion NV
Dominique Vanfleteren, Chief Financial Officer

Oyster Point Pharma
Michael Ackermann, Chairman
Loni da Silva, VP, Regulatory Affairs
Patricia Johnson, Executive Director, Regulatory CMC
Dawn Koffler, VP, Marketing
Mark Murray, CFO
Jeffrey Nau, President & CEO
Kristen Stiffler, Associate Director, Clinical Development
Prabo Wijetunge, PhD, Executive Director, CMC


P&T Magazine
Kunihiko Shiina, Editor
Peter Sonnenreich, Editor

Pacific Eye Associates
Ali Zaidi, MD, Retina surgeon

Palmetto Retina Center
Jack Wells, MD

Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Yichieh Shiuey, Corneal Specialist

Pamel Vision and Laser Group
Gregory Pamel, Owner

Panoptes Pharma
Franz Obermayr, CEO

David Bingaman, Senior Director & Head, Retina Drug Development
Paul Chaney, President & CEO
Kristine Curtiss, Executive Director, Clinical Operations
Martin Wax, MD, EVP, R&D & Chief Medical Officer

Paragon BioTeck
Patrick Witham, CEO & President

Patterson Thuente
Paul Onderick, Eye Doctor & Patent Attorney

PentaVision/Ophthalmology Management
Zack Tertel, Managing Editor

Pepose Vision Institute
Jay Pepose, MD, Medical Director

Perception Therapeutics
Omid Karkouti, Founder and CEO

Perfect Lens
Steven Smathers, President

PharmaLogic Development
Gary Novack, PhD, President

PharmaQuest Associates
Lisa Grillone, PhD, President

Dale Wiggins, Vice President and General Manager HealthSuite Digital Platform

Douglas Johnson, Chief Science Officer
Tom Kelly, CEO
Jeffrey Lenk, Chief Technology Officer

Sebastien Franssens, Product Manager

Pieris Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Eckhard Niemeier, Vice President - Head of Business Development, Project Leadership & Portfolio Management

Pinnacle Eye Center
Regine Pappas, Ophthalmologist

Piper Jaffray
Andrew Gitkin, Head, West Coast Biotechnology Investment Banking
Rick Gustafson, Managing Director
Ryan Kaeding, Principal
Udit Patel, Principal, Healthcare Investment Banking
J.P. Peltier, Managing Director & Global Group Head
Michael Ragan, Principal
Jon Salveson, Vice Chairman, Investment Banking

Russell Tait, CEO
Vanessa Waddell, Head, Commercial Operations & Business Development

Powered Research
William David Culp, PhD

Barry Cheskin, President, CEO & Co-Founder

Tracey Roberts, Senior Director, Global Project Management

Jochen Kumm, Founder

Aryeh Batt, CEO
Yishay Hayardeni, Site & R&D Manager
Lior Shav, Business Development

Pres-By Vision
Barak Azmon, MD, Director

Presbyopia Therapies
Gerald Horn, Chief Scientific Officer
Jim McCollum, Co-Founder & Board Member

Promedica International
Khan Lau, Director, Clinical Operations
Shannon Stoddard, President & CEO

ProQR Therapeutics NV
Peter Adamson, Head, Ophthalmology Research

Dominik Escher, Partner

Pykus Therapeutics
Larry Roth, VP Product Development
Sameer Sabir, CEO


Clayton Daniells, CEO

Thurein Htoo, Chief Business Officer


RA Capital Management
Laura Stoppel, Associate
Zach Scheiner, Principal

Rad BioMed Accelerator
David Zigdon, CEO

Radiance Therapeutics
James Fazio, Director, Engineering
Harry George, President & CFO
Laurence Marsteller, MD, PhD, CEO & CoFounder
Cassie Vollmer, Director, QA/RA

Re-Vana Therapeutics
Michael O'Rourke, CEO

Refocus Group
Selene Burke, OD, VP, Clinical Outcomes
Kevin Cady, VP, Marketing & Business Development
Mike Judy, CEO
Fernando Rubio, Director, Consumer Marketing

Regenera Pharma
Jordan Rubinson, CEO

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Keith Baker, Medical Director, Ophthalmology Medical Affairs
Omar Gaya, Strategic Intelligence
Neil Levine, Executive Director Marketing
John Magliocchetti, Senior Director Ophthalmology New Products Marketing
Steven Miller, Business Development
Lauren Portsmore, Senior Manager, Commercial Training
Kevin Reber, National Business Director - Ophthalmology
Carmelo Romano, Executive Director, Ophthalmology
David Waintraub, Associate Manager, Ophthalmology Marketing

Darin Curtiss, Clinical Devlopment
Shiva Fritsch, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Ken Mills, CEO
Rei Nakamura, Sr. MSL
Monica Roy, Ophthalmology Development Lead
Stephen Yoo, CMO

ReNetX Bio
Erika Smith, CEO

Research to Prevent Blindness
Brian Hofland, PhD, President

Retina Associates of Cleveland
Lawrence Singerman, MD, Founder

Retina Associates of New York
Ben Cohen, President
Andrew Hersh, Intern

Retina Consultants of Houston
Charles Wykoff, MD

Retina Consultants of WNY
Paul Lee, Physician

Retina Health Center
Alexander Eaton, MD

Retina Specialist Magazine
Rich Kirkner, Editor

Retina-Vitreous Associates Medical Group
David Boyer, MD, Medical Doctor
Firas Rahhal, MD, Partner

Retinal Consultants of Arizona
Pravin Dugel, MD, Managing Partner

Retinal Consultants of NY
Uri Shabto, President

Retinal Solutions
Scott Olson, CEO

David Albers, Sr Director, Scientific and Medical Communications
Richard Beckman, Chief Medical Officer
Olav Hellebo, CEO

Revenio Research Oy
Mika Salkola, R&D Director

Review of Ophthalmology/Review of Optometry
Michele Barrett, Manager

RFE Pharma
Alan Franklin, Chief Medical Officer

Rebecca Hussain, President

Catherine McHale

Atul Dandekar, Vice President, Global Head Ophthalmology, I2O

Roivant Sciences
Ruby Holder, VP, Investments
Eric Pham, Analyst, Investments

Christopher Stanley, Chief Business Officer, Co-founder

Ilya Goldshleger, VP, Engineering
Ron Kurtz, MD, CEO
Eric Weinberg, COO


Abu Abraham, Senior Director, Global Biomedical Science
Ken Araki, Deputy Division Manger, Global Business Development
Robert Bauer, Director, Business Development EMEA
Shannon Blalock, Director, Market Development Commercial Marketing
Dustin Cavida, PharmD
Ellie Chabi, Senior Director, Global Biomedical Science
Victor Chan, Director, US Surgical Device Commercial Marketing
Chien-Feng Chen, Sr. Director
Frank Chen, Innovation Project Manager
Lisa Her, Corporate Communications
Takashi Hibi, General Manager, Licensing Group
Tatsuya Kaihara, Chief Strategy Officer
Naoki Kawamoto, Manager, Licensing Group
Rocky Kuroki, Manager, US Business Development
Masatsugu Nakamura, Deputy Division Manager, 統括部長, TS統 / Translational Science
Omar Sadruddin, MD, Global Medical Director
Naveed Shams, MD, PhD, Senior Corporate Officer, Head, Global R&D & Chief Science Officer
Tanya Shnaydman, Director, Corporate Communications
Youqin Tian, Director Of Global Regulatory Affairs
Tatsuyuki Yamane, Manager, Licensing Group
Jamie Zimmerman, Sr. Marketing Manager, Commercial

SB Strategic Development Consultants
Sharon Bakalash, MD, PhD, Founder & CEO

Scheie Eye Institute
Joan O'Brien, Professor & Chair

Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School
Sunil Chauhan, PhD, Associate Professor and Associate Scientist

SciFluor Life Sciences - Allied Minds
Omar Amirana, MD, CEO
Ben Askew, VP, Research
D. Scott Edwards, PhD, VP & GM

Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines
Francis Mah, MD, Director, Cornea and External Diseases & Co-Director, Refractive Surgery

Sensimed SA
David Bailey, CEO

Sentiss Pharmaceuticals
Jena Thompson, Director - Business Development & Operations

Shamir Insight
Steve Jones, Strategic Partnership Specialist

Shiley Eye Institute/ UCSD Ophthalmology
Daniel Chao, Assistant Professor

Susan Benton, Head, New Ophthalmic Products
Joe Boyd, Senior Director, Market Development
Marcia De Souza Lima, Global Medical Affairs
Robert Dempsey, Group VP & Head, Global Ophthalmics Franchise
Scott Hunter, Global Commercial Lead
Bindu Manne, Market Development
Beth Marsh, Product Strategy Lead
Michael Muench, Head of Canada, Ophthalmics
Anmol Mullins, Head Global Market Access, Ophthalmology and Genetic Diseases
Eric Olson, Head, Ophthalmics BD
Chris Reaume, Market Development, Canada
Amir Shojaei, VP, Therapeutic Area Head - Ophthalmology Global Clinical Development
Rene Vasquez, PhD, Sr. Medical Science Liaison

Shore Research & Development
John Hall, President

Kuntal Joshi, Area Director - Asia Pacific

Sight Sciences
Paul Badawi, Chief Financial Officer
Todd Love, Marketing
Shawn O'Neil, SVP, Sales & Marketing
Jesse Selnick, Chief Financial Officer

SightGlass Vision
Thomas Chalberg, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Rappon, Chief Medical Officer

SightLine Partners
Buzz Benson, Managing Director

Sightpath Medical
Joel Gaslin, EVP, Sales & Marketing

Sigilon Therapeutics
Marianthi Papakosta, Director, Pipeline Development

Silk Technologies
Brian Lawrence, PhD, CEO

Marc Simonet, CEO

Singapore Eye Research Institute
Danny Belkin, PhD, Director, Technology Development & Commercialization
Xiaoqin Fang, Senior Manager

John Carter, Chief Operating Officer
Peter Slack, President

Sarah Bhagat, Senior Associate

Spark Therapeutics
Fatima Ahmad, Head of Medical Communications
Daniel Chung, Ophthalmic Lead, Clinical Development
Thomas Ciulla, MD, Medical Strategy Lead - Ophthalmology
Bridget Cleff, New Product Planning Lead
Gabrielle Dauster, Senior Product Manager
Paulo Falabella, MD, PhD, Medical Affairs Ophthalmic Lead
Parag Meswani, Head of Marketing and Diagnostics

Square 1 Partners
Lauren Gyoerkoe, Strategist

St Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute
Brandon Rodriguez, Cataract & Refractive Surgeon

STAAR Surgical
David Friess, Head of Global Professional Affairs

Stanford University
Darius Moshfeghi, MD, Professor

State University of New York, Syracuse
Robert Fechtner

Stealth BioTherapeutics
Brian Hotchkiss, Senior Director, Business Development & New Product Planning

Stein Eye Institute, UCLA
Colin McCannel, MD, Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology / Medical Director
Steven Schwartz, MD, Ahmanson Professor of Ophthalmology, Retina Division Chief

Strategic Intelligence
Babak Nemati, PhD, President & CEO

Stroma Medical
Douglas Daniels, CEO

Stuart Therapeutics
Robert Baratta, MD, Chairman, CMO
Eric Schlumpf, President & CEO

Sun Ophthalmics
John Lewis, Pharmaceutical
Susan O'Shea, Pharmaceutical
Yomi Ogundele, Pharnaceutical
Mel Parker, Pharmaceutical
Drew Parks, Associate Director, Professional Relations
Brian Stafford, Pharmaceutical
Jim Yanek, Pharmaceutical

Surgical Eyecare PA
Alan Brown, MD

Sustained Nano Systems
Barry Libin, President

Patrick Johnson, Chief Business Officer
Kenneth Widder, CEO

Syneos Health
Joe Hopcraft, Commercial Integration
Nicholas Spittal, VP, Clinical Development


Taejoon Pharm
Joon Youb Lee, CEO

Tarsius Pharma
Daphne Haim Langford, CEO

Tauber Eye Center
Joseph Tauber, CEO

Philip Gioia, Commercial
Rick Heinick, Chairman
Kevin Hershfield, CEO

Tom Gadek, CEO

Texere Publishing
Neil Hanley, Publisher
Paul Longley, Business Development Executive

The Buscemi Group
Philip Buscemi, President

The Cooper Companies
Kelly Tran, Analyst, Corporate Development

The Fundingsland Group
Brad Fundingsland, President

The Gavin Herbert Eye Institute
Tibor Juhasz

The Magnum Group
Randy McDonald, Managing Director & President

The Ophthalmologist
Phoebe Harkin, Associate Editor
Abigail Mackrill, Associate Publisher
Ross Terrone, Business Development Executive

The Permanente Medical Group
Atif Collins, Assoc. Physician

The Retina Group of Washington
Rich Garfinkel, Physician
Reg Sanders, Physician

Third Rock Ventures
Jeff Finer, MD, PHD

Thomas Clay, Chairman
Andy De Deene, Global Head Development
Patrik De Haes, CEO
Jean Feyen, Chief Scientific Officer
Gregoire Franoux, Head, Business Development
Wouter Piepers, Global Head, Corporate Communications & Investment Relations
Susan Schneider, Chief Medical Officer
Vinciane Vangeersdaele, Chief Commercial Officer

Tilak Healthcare
Vinona Bhatia, Chief Medical Officer

Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Kyoko Ohno-Matsui, MD, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Science

John Bradley, Managing Director
Alexander Isaacson, Analyst

Topcon Corporation
Masahiro Akiba, Senior Manager, R & D Planning Div.
Fumio Ohue, General Manager, Eye Care Business Div.
Gaku Takeuchi, Manager, R & D Planning group

Topcon Healthcare Solutions
Tobias Kurzke, Product Manager, Clinical Applications

Topivert Pharma
Ajay Duggal, Chief Medical Officer
Nicholas Staples, PhD, Chief Business Officer
Stephen Webber, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

TPG Biotech
Heather Preston, Senior Advisor

Tracery Ophthalmics
Emily Mathieu, Research Associate

Translatum Medicus Inc
Shelley Boyd, MD, President & CSO
John Clement, Advisor
Paul Howes, Executive VP
Kenneth Howling, Chief Financial Officer

Trefoil Therapeutics
David Eveleth, CEO
Schalon Newton, Chief Business Officer
William Trattler, MD, Advisor & Consultant

Trial Runners
Patrick Healy, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
Kelsey McDonald, Strategic Accounts Director
Emily Murphy, Marketing Manager

Tristate Centers for Sight/Midwest Eye Center
Saif Jaweed, MD

TrueVision Systems
Mark Maire, CRO and EVP Sales and Business Development
Burton Tripathi, PhD, CEO

Tsinghua University Medical School
Su Wang, Physician Trainee

Allan Carmichael, Consultant


Tara McCannel, Vitreoretinal Oncologist

UCLA Technology Development Group
Lukasz Kowalik, Business Development Officer

University Eye Hospital, LMU Munich
Siegfried Priglinger, Prof. Dr.

University Hospital Bern
Marion Munk, MD, PhD

University of California, San Diego
Robert Weinreb, MD, Chairman & Distinguished Professor, Ophthalmology

University of California, San Francisco
Stephen McLeod, MD
Ayman Naseri, MD

University of Chicago
Varun Malhotra, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ophthalmology

University of Colorado
Naresh Mandava, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair

University of Illinois at Chicago
William Mieler, MD, Cless Family Professor, Ophthalmology

University of Michigan
David Antonetti, PhD, Professor of Ophthalmology
David Zacks, MD, PhD

University of Pennsylvania
Alexander Brucker, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology

University of Rochester
Jesse Schallek, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Neuroscience

University of Southern California
Mark Humayun, MD, PhD, Professor, Ophthalmology

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Paul Kaufman, MD, Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology

USC Keck School of Medicine, USC Eye Institute
Grace Chang, Assistant Professor
Houman Hemmati, Assistant Professor
Linda Lam, MD


Valley Retina Institute
Victor Gonzalez, Managing Partner

Nehal Patel, Ophthalmologist

Vance Thompson Vision
John Berdahl, MD, MD
Sarah Herrmann, Executive Assistant
Matthew Jensen, CEO
Vance Thompson, MD,

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Anthony Daniels, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

VEO Ophthalmics
Ron Gilliland, President & CEO

Egen Atkinson, Portfolio Manager

Verana Health
Donald Butler, Vice President, Life Science & Commercial
Douglas Foster, Chief Strategy Officer
Miki Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer
Chet Kumar, Vice President, Life Science & Commercial

Verily Life Sciences
Dimitri Azar, MD, Clinical Lead, Ophthalmology Programs

Veronique Jotterand MD, Inc.
Veronique Jotterand

Versant Ventures
David Chacko, Principal
William Link, PhD, Managing Director

Vestrum Health
Nadeem Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer

Vida Ventures
Jaideep Dudani, Associate

ViewPoint Therapeutics
Bryan Dunyak, Scientist
Paul Fatheree, VP Chemistry
Robert Kim, Chief Medical Officer
Leah Makley, CEO

Virginia Eye Consultants
John Sheppard, MD, President
Elizabeth Yeu, MD, Partner

Visant Medical
Vartan Ghazarossian, President & CEO
Shravanthi Reddy, COO

Jan Bonel, Founder

Vision Ophthalmic Development International
Rhett Schiffman, MD, President & CEO

Visionary Venture Fund
Garrett Hamontree, Associate
Jeffry Weinhuff, Managing Partner

Steve DeNelsky, Board Member
Blake Michaels, President & CEO
Wolfgang Tolle, Board Chairman

VISUfarma BV
Keren Leshem, VP, Corporate Development
Thomas Van Haarlem, CEO

Vitreo-Retinal Unit, St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto
Filiberto Altomare, Dr

Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York
Lawrence Yannuzzi, MD

Vivid Vision
Benjamin Backus, PhD, CSO

Vizcaya Biosciences
Ted Danse, President & CEO


Warrenville EyeCare & LASIK
Lisa Nijm, Founder & Medical Director

Wave Strategy
Neema Mayhugh, President & CEO

Web Vision Technologies
Bob Main, CEO

Weill Cornell Medical College
Donald J. D'Amico, MD, Professor & Chairman
Szilárd Kiss, Director, Clinical Research; Chief, Retina Service
Michael Nissen, Attending

Andrew Goldberg, Physician

William Blair
Andrew Brackmann, Associate
Brian Scullion, Managing Director

Wills Eye Hospital
Carol Shields, MD
Jerry Shields, MD

Wolstan & Goldberg Eye Associates
Damien Goldberg, MD


Yale University
Lucian Del Priore, MD, PhD, Chairman and Professor

Yelroc Consulting
Andy Corley, Principal


Patrick Sauvageau, OD, CEO


20/10 Perfect Vision
Helmut Krueger, Board Member
Frieder Loesel, Managing Director
Oliver Polcher, Managing Director

James Taylor, CEO


Kester Nahen

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