Opthea’s Transformative Shift, Clinical Successes, and Visionary Innovation with Megan Baldwin, PhD


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Opthea, an Australian based biopharmaceutical company is dedicated to transforming retinal disease treatments and elevating patients’ vision and quality of life. Join Firas Rahhal, MD, in a captivating episode as he engages with Opthea’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Megan Baldwin, PhD.

Explore the compelling journey from oncology to ophthalmology, unraveling strategic decisions, navigating competitive landscapes, and achieving triumphs in clinical trials. Dr. Baldwin unfolds her remarkable career trajectory, from a PhD at the University of Melbourne to pivotal roles at Genentech and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

Tune in for exclusive insights, including:

• Opthea’s strategic approach to revolutionizing eye care
• Clinical Trials: A deep dive into their success and impact
• Comparison with Other Drugs: Differentiating factors and unique contributions
• Future Directions: Exploring new horizons and clinical opportunities
• Commercialization Timeline: Anticipated milestones and FDA approval strategies

Listen now for a compelling journey through Opthea’s vision as they continue to shape the landscape of ophthalmological advancements.

Opthea: Opthea.com
Megan Baldwin, PhD: LinkedIn
Firas Rahhal, MD ois.net/firas-m-rahhal-md