IOPtima Getting Traction in Europe, Asia

IOPtima CEO Ronan Castro gives OISTV an update on the company’s commerical launch of the IOPtimate system in Europe and Asia, including operations in China and Hong Kong. OPtima has developed the IOPtimate system; a unique laser based surgical system for the treatment of Glaucoma. The system utilizes a CO2 laser technology to reduce internal eye pressure by allowing better flow of aqueous humor. Castro says the company is presenting a submission for the US Food and Drug Administration.

Speaking With:

Ronen Castro

Ronen Castro

Ronen Castro is a seasoned medical device professional with 19 years of vast experience in the medical device industry. For the last 3 years prior to joining IOPtima, he was the CEO of Allium Medical Solutions (TASE:ALMD), a manufacturer of various MIS products.

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