Panoptes Developing Inhibitor For Local Treatments In Ocular Disease

Panoptes Pharma GmhB is developing PP-001, a dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) inhibitor for local treatments in ocular disease, Co-Founder and CEO Franz Obermayr, PhD, told the OIS gathering. Preclinical investigation is focusing on use for intravitreal and oral administration for posterior uveitis, but Panoptes is also researching topical applications for anterior uveitis, dry eye and viral conjunctivitis, Obermayr said. The DHODH inibitor – disrupts T-cell proliferation and selectively inhibits key activators of disease pathways, including VEGF.


Franz Obermayr

Franz Obermayr, PhD

Dr. Franz Obermayr is Co-Founder and serves as CEO of Panoptes. Before that he was Head of Clinical Development at Nabriva, where he led the clinical efforts to show clinical POC in a phase 2b study leading to the successful Biotech-deal with Forest Laboratories.

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