Pharma’s All or None, with Gianluca Rossetti, Dompé


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Podcast Description:

In pharma, it takes many failures to achieve one breakthrough. Dompé, a family-owned global biopharmaceutical company, focuses on long-term success, knowing those wins can impact thousands or even millions of patients. Gianluca Rossetti, Strategic Planning & Corporate Business Development Director at Dompé, was drawn by the company’s ambition, passion, and commitment to innovation and science.

Today, he uses his management consulting background to guide the company’s business strategy, lead strategic projects, and provide direction as the company works to expand its ophthalmology portfolio.

With podcast host and retina surgeon Firas Rahhal, MD, Gianluca shares Dompé’s vision and gives details into its pipeline. He also provides insight into what’s kept the company going for over 130 years — through two world wars and two pandemics.

A clue: as a family-owned company, Dompé focuses less on quarterly results and more on long-term impact.

Listen to the podcast today to discover:
• Gianluca’s professional background: why he chose to start in management consulting and what brought him to the pharmaceutical industry, and most recently, what brought him to Dompé.
• Dompé’s criteria for drug discovery and development.
• The pros and cons of running a family-owned pharmaceutical company vs a large publicly-owned corporation.
• How Oxervate (cenegermin-bkbj), the first FDA-approved treatment for neurotrophic keratitis (NK), has performed over the past five years.
• What else Dompé has planned for NGF products, including front- and back-of-the-eye indications.
• Dompé’s plans to expand its presence in ophthalmology.
• Details into the Exscalate program – its platform that applies artificial intelligence to drug discovery ophthalmic innovation.

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