Pharma’s Best and Brightest on Drug Delivery Technologies


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This week we veer off the beaten path to bring you a unique panel discussion with industry leaders from Allergan, Santen, Genentech, and Aerie Pharmaceuticals. Each shares expertise on drug development technologies and discusses insights on some of the hurdles their company has had to overcome to successfully roll out products.

Jim Cunningham, Executive Director of Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Development – Allergan
Reza Haque, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Ophthalmic Innovation Center – Santen
Joshua Horvath, PhD, Director, Device and Packaging Development – Genentech
Casey C. Kopczynski, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder – Aerie Pharmaceuticals

Moderated by:
Sharon Bakalash, MD, PhD, CBA, Founder & CEO – SB Strategic Development Consultants