Progress of EyeGate Pharma’s Ocular Bandage Gel & EPG-54

Stephen From, CEO of EyeGate Pharma, updated OIS@ASCRS on its acquisition of Jade Therapeutics’ Hyaluronic Acid program. The company paired the HA to create the Ocular Bandage Gel (OBG), an eye drop that can adhere to the ocular surface for up to two hours. The company is conducting studies on patients with larger epithelial defects created by PRK. EyeGate just filed an IDE to conduct a larger study on the OBG program, with a goal of running a pivotal trial by the fourth quarter of this year. From said the company anticipates filing a De Novo 510(k) in the first half of 2018.

From also delivered an update on EPG-547 for cataract surgery. EyeGate – which has partnered with Valeant – expects to deliver Phase IIb top-line data by the end of 2017, with an eye toward launching a Phase III trial in 2018 and filing an NDA by the second half of next year.