Quick Takes From Ophthalmology Start-Ups


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OIS Podcast host Carey Powers speaks with seven start-up companies at OIS XIII to talk about exciting innovation in the field of ophthalmology.

• Daniel Lindgren, Founder & CEO – Evoq Technologies
• Craig Walker, COO – Glint Pharmaceuticals
• Jay Cormier, President & CEO – Eyedaptic
• Kenichiro Kuninobu, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder – FELIQS Corporation
• Bob Katz, CEO – ForwardVue Pharma
• Rehan Ahmed, MD, Chief Medical Officer – Globe Biomedical
• Jan Skerswetat, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO – PerZeption Vision

Evoq Technologies is developing a smartphone-based ERG and biosensor for early retinal disease detection, targeting FDA approval and a CE mark.

Glint Pharmaceuticals focuses on a drug-eluting contact lens platform as an alternative to eye drops, emphasizing prototype advancements and positive clinical tests.

Eyedaptic introduces augmented reality glasses for macular degeneration, highlighting significant clinical outcomes and a goal to enhance commercialization success.

FELIQS discusses therapeutics for retinal diseases, emphasizing patient-friendly strategies, successful preclinical trials, and plans for FDA filings and clinical trials.

ForwardVue Pharma is working on a long-acting therapeutic for neovascular retinal diseases, showcasing improved potency in preclinical studies and aiming to raise a Series A round.

Globe Biomedical unveils tech-enabled glasses for ocular health monitoring, recently obtaining FDA class two designation, with a focus on targeting the pediatric eye care market.

PerZeption Vision is developing automated visual functional assessment tools, conducting clinical studies for age-related macular degeneration and planning a US market entry in Q3 next year.

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Evoq Technologies https://evoqtechnologies.com/
Glint Pharmaceuticals https://glintpharma.com/
Eyedaptic https://eyedaptic.com/
FELIQS https://www.feliqs.com/
ForwardVue Pharma https://forwardvuepharma.com/
Globe Biomedical https://www.globebiomedical.com/
PerZeption Vision https://perzeption.vision/
Carey Powers: ois.net/carey-powers