ReVision Optics Rolling Out Raindrops Following FDA OK


The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay for the treatment of presbyopia boasts a 2 mm diameter, 80% water composition, the same refractive index as the natural cornea, and is removable. It received US approval on June 29, 2016, “a full nine months ahead of schedule,” said John Kilcoyne, president and chief executive officer, ReVision Optics (RVO).

Of the 328 million US residents, RVO believes the Raindrop would be appropriate for about 13.1 million presbyopic emmetropes and another 3.6 million presbyopic hyperopes.

The Raindrop reshapes the cornea to create a near center then transitions to intermediate and then distance vision, with two-year results showing an average 5 line improvement in near vision, 2+ lines in intermediate vision, and an improvement in distance vision.

“But if you build it, will they come?” Kilcoyne asked. Emmetropic presbyopes “don’t go to the eye doctor. They just go out and buy a pair of $2 readers at the pharmacy.”

Yet a survey of 863 emmetropic presbyopes suggested “71% would seek an ophthalmologist out if they knew about the technology, and 55% would opt for the procedure if the surgeon recommended it,” noted Kilcoyne.

Since August 30, there have been more than 5,000 visits to the company’s surgeon locator page, and more than 200 surgeon requests for training.

“There has been a digital media explosion – a blog on Tech Insider garnered 659,000 views, and 46,000 Facebook views in just nine days. Even the company’s own Facebook page was bombarded with 2,285 hits in that same nine-day period.

“The bottom line is there is a voracious appetite out there for presbyopia correction,” Kilcoyne said. “But none of that matters if the outcomes aren’t there.”

Continual concentration on improving outcomes has led to the company integrating HealthLoop, an automated patient engagement solution, to pair company key opinion leaders with consumers to ensure better outcomes.

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John Kilcoyne

John Kilcoyne

John T. Kilcoyne brings more than 29 years of experience in the medical device market to RVO. He has a demonstrated record in understanding the needs of both patients and physicians combined with an ability to move companies from development into the commercial market.

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