Randy Alexander

With an extensive background in ophthalmic surgical products, Mr. J. Randy Alexander is well known for leading several successful and innovative ophthalmic companies. Because of his expertise, he has been instrumental in the development and market introduction of contact lenses, intraocular lenses, viscolastic surgical products, femtosecond lasers, corneal inlays for presbyopia, MIGS and numerous other successful ophthalmic products that are currently marketed worldwide.
Mr. Alexander began his career at Bausch and Lomb where he was involved in introducing the soft contact lens to the consumer market. He has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Intermedics, IntraLase and RVO as well as holding senior positions at CILCO and Chiron Vision. During his tenure as CEO of several ophthalmic companies, Mr. Alexander has raised over $150 MM in Venture Capital while creating close to $ 1 BB in value. He currently is the Chairman of ReVision Optics whose product the Raindrop is a novel patented product for the treatment of presbyopia. He,also, serves on the board of Ivantis whose product the Hydrus is a unique MIGS device.
Mr. Alexander holds a Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Marshall University.