Review of the Ophthalmology Innovation Cycle – Panel Discussion

Join William J. Link, PhD as he leads a panel discussion on the risks associated with the innovation cycle and the lessons learned.



William J. Link, PhD

Bill was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Chiron Vision, sold in 1997. Bill founded and served as President of American Medical Optics (AMO), sold in 1986.

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Marguerite McDonald

Marguerite McDonald, MD

Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS, is a board-certified ophthalmologist offering corneal, cataract and refractive surgery.

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Thomas Frinzi

Tom Frinzi

Thomas Frinzi is Senior Vice President of Abbott’s vision business, which includes a broad ophthalmology portfolio across the areas of cataracts, refractive surgery (LASIK) and eye health products. Prior to joining Abbott, Mr. Frinzi held a number of leadership positions in ophthalmology and medical device companies.

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Macfarlane, Angela

K. Angela Macfarlane

Ms. Macfarlane joined ForSight Labs as President and CEO in March 2007. Over the past nine years, ForSight has started six ForSight VISION companies, that have collectively raised over $130M in capital, and are focused on breakthrough therapies for ophthalmology, including glaucoma, corneal and cataract surgery and treatment of anterior and posterior segment ocular disorders.

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James Mazzo

Jim Mazzo

Jim Mazzo is the Executive Chairman and CEO for AcuFocus. AcuFocus specializes in presbyopia correction and is known for its revolutionary KAMRA inlay which was recently FDA approved.

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Sabri Markabi

Sabri Markabi, MD, is the senior vice president of Research and Development and Chief Medical Officer of Alcon Laboratories, Inc., a subsidiary of Alcon, Inc., the world’s largest eye care company.

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