Revolutionizing Glaucoma Treatment and Innovation Insights with ViaLase’s Shawn O’Neil


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ViaLase, a clinical stage medical technology company located in Aliso Viejo, CA is focused on disrupting the conventional glaucoma treatment paradigm with the introduction of a truly noninvasive image-guided femtosecond laser treatment that enhances glaucoma patient care.

With a leadership team that has vast experience developing, designing, manufacturing, and commercializing the first femtosecond lasers for ophthalmic surgery for refractive and cataract patients, ViaLase is now bringing that expertise and innovation to glaucoma patients.

In this episode, Chief Commercialization Officer, Shawn O’Neil chats with OIS host Dr. Rob Rothman and discusses his successful product launches and instrumental contributions to ViaLase’s commercialization strategy, their unique reimbursement strategy, the treatment’s durability over time, enhancing its long-term impact, and much more.

Tune in and see how ViaLase plans to bring this revolutionary treatment to glaucoma patients across the globe.

Shawn O’Neil: LinkedIn
Robert Rothman, MD