Revolutionizing Retina Care Beyond Injections with Dr. Firas Rahhal, Dr. Robert Bhisitkul, Dr. Alan Franklin and Dr. Paul Karpecki


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In this episode of the OIS Podcast, host Dr. Firas Rahhal, along with expert panelists, Dr. Robert Bhisitkul, Dr. Alan Franklin and Dr. Paul Karpecki at OIS XIII, takes listeners on a deep dive into the transformative landscape of oral therapies in retina treatment, challenging the conventional approach dominated by eye injections. Tune in as they explore the groundbreaking realm of oral treatments and shed light on their novelty in retinal care.

The discussions are comprehensive, covering key aspects such as:
– Novelty in Retina Treatment
– Three-Step Improvement and Long-Term Vision Protection
– Optimism for Prevention and Early Intervention
– Clinical Trial Parameters and Market Potential
– Diverse Mechanisms in Focus

Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode that explores the dynamic landscape of oral therapies, offering a fresh perspective on their potential to revolutionize the field of ophthalmology. Stay informed and engaged with OIS XIII discussions, as experts discuss the exciting possibilities that oral therapies bring to the forefront of retinal treatment.