Saunders Speaks to Allergan’s Innovative Culture

Prior to the announcement of the Pfizer-Allergan combination, Allergan CEO and President Brent Saunders spoke with OISTV about how the pharma industry finds and foster innovation, particularly in ophthalmology. Under Saunders, Allergan works hard to “support” rather than “assimilate” new technologies like Oculeve’s neurostimulation-based treatment for Dry Eye. As President and COO of the new Pfizer, Saunders will have a hand in ensuring the new company identifies and supports new medical technologies and pharmaceuticals.


Brent Saunders

Brent Saunders

Brent Saunders has served as CEO and President of Allergan, formerly Actavis, since July 1, 2014. Previously, Mr. Saunders served as CEO and President of Forest Laboratories from 2013 to 2014.

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