Seizing Opportunities With Novartis’ Dr. Jill Hopkins


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Jill Hopkins, MD, didn’t plan to end up in a global leadership position at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. But she got there in 2021, when Novartis recruited her to serve as its SVP and global head of the ophthalmology development unit.

Dr. Hopkins moved from academia to the clinic to industry, not by muscling her way in, but by exploring opportunities that sparked her interest and fueled her passion. At each steppingstone, she had a hand in some exciting developments.

At Novartis, she leads drug development for its mid- to late-stage portfolio, including both anterior- and posterior-segment therapeutics. She brings a depth of experience to the role that includes science, medicine, and academia, with stints at large companies and small startups.

After 10 collective years at University or Toronto and University of Southern California, Dr. Hopkins moved to Retina Vitreous Associates. There, she worked alongside OIS Podcast host Firas Rahhal, MD, running the electroretinography lab and working on ciliary-derived neurotrophic factor clinical trials.

Opportunities to join Genentech, UNITY Biotechnology, and then Roche followed, with each experience building on the other. At the latter, she was involved in the development of both Lucentis (ranibizumab) and Susvimo, the port delivery system with ranibizumab, before Novartis came calling.

Listen to the podcast today to hear Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Rahhal discuss:
• How Dr. Hopkins’ time in academia, the clinic, and industry allowed her to become a well-rounded professional.
• Her involvement in Susvimo from clinical trials through to commercial launch.
• What will endure among the numerous therapies and delivery systems in development for the posterior segment.
• How the industry can rise above the high bar set by current anti-VEGF therapies.
• How artificial intelligence can and will help clinicians define and measure outcomes.
• The outlook for regenerative medicine for the posterior segment.

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