Shire’s Dempsey Shares Strategy to Building a Brand in Ophthalmology

Robert Dempsey, Vice President and Business Unit Head of Ophthalmology, Shire.

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00:30 – How do you build a brand without a pipeline?
2:10 – Why did Shire choose to build in ophthalmology?
3:50 – Did Shire consider buying
5:15 – We are not dipping our toes in the water.
5:20 – Update on pipeline, Lifitegrast
6:01 – Impact on Baxalta on Ophthalmics
6:52 – Are you looking at Medtech?
7:10 – Is there a standing ophthalmology R&D team?
7:50 – “We could challenge any of the larger pharmaceutical companies.”
8:15 – Would it be more difficult to do this in another specialty?
9:20 –Dick Lindstrom on the best-kept secret in ophthalmology.
9:55 – What does Shire ultimately look like?

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Robert Dempsey

Robert Dempsey joined Shire in February 2014 as VP & Head of the Ophthalmics Business Unit. He has been instrumental in building a team of professionals with experience in commercial, medical and business development.

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