Sit-downs With Eight All-Stars From OIS XII


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More than 300 clinical thought leaders, pharma industry executives, and ophthalmology investors gathered recently in San Diego, CA, for OIS XII.

In addition to announcing pivotal new data, presenters discussed drug and device innovations, advances in clinical trials, and how to gain or maintain a competitive edge in today’s market.

For this week’s OIS Podcast, surgeon Ehsan Sadri, MD, cofounder of Visionary Ventures; and Sharon Bakalash, MD, PhD, founder and CEO of SB Strategic Development Consultants, sat down with an all-star cast of ophthalmology leaders.

Here’s a preview of the cast and what they talk about:
Avellino CEO John Robson, on how he brings decades of experience analyzing data to eye care. He also explains how (and why) Avellino uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to fuel drug discovery—specifically, precision medicine therapies.
Dompé’s global head of medical and clinical affairs Georgea Pasedis, PharmD, gives an update on Dompé’s neurotrophic keratitis product. She also talks about how the company uses the fourth-fastest supercomputer in the world.
Tyler Stowater, partner and vice president of Bluestem, a private equity company based in Sioux Falls, SD, shares how the company mitigates losses in a down market, as well as his predictions for the next few months.
Iveric Bio president Pravin Dugel, MD, talks about Iveric’s Breakthrough Therapy designation for Zimura (avacincaptad pegol), a novel investigational complement C5 inhibitor for the treatment of geographic atrophy.
Mina Sooch, cofounder and CEO of Ocuphire Pharma, gives the scoop behind Ocuphire’s exclusive license agreement with FamyGen Life Sciences and what it means for the eye care sector at large.
Ranya Habash, MD, cofounder of MetaMed, takes Dr. Bakalash on a tour of the metaverse.

The podcast also includes insights from Tarsier Pharma founder and CEO Daphne Haim-Langford, PhD, and Stuart Therapeutics president and CEO Eric Schlumpf.

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