Summit Kick Off with Ophthalmology Innovation Cycle & Financing Update

OIS Co-Chair Bill Link of Versant Ventures welcomes attendees to OIS@ASCRS 2016 with a history of how the Ophthalmology Innovation Summits started, where they’re headed and what are the principles behind Innovation.

Video Highlights:
00:42 – Thank you for your commitment to innovation and ophthalmology.
01:55 – Special opportunity to get all the leaders of ophthalmology together.
02:15 – Breakout of the audience at the largest OIS@ASCRS
03:11 – Origin of the first OIS@AAO
04:10 – Start of OIS@ASCRS
05:10 – Announcing the 1st OIS@ASRS
05:55 – The Innovation Cycle – Stages of Innovation
06:55 – The Principles of Innovation
08:30 – Where does innovation happen?
09:08 – Presentation of Silicon Valley Bank Data
10:45 – Health care exits
11:15 – 2016 Outlook
12:30 – A wrap up



William J. Link, PhD

Bill was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Chiron Vision, sold in 1997. Bill founded and served as President of American Medical Optics (AMO), sold in 1986.

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