Ophthalmic Innovation Survives and Thrives After “The Great Recession”

Keynote: Sustaining Innovation in Ophthalmology – “A View From the Top”

David E.I. Pyott, Chairman of the Board & CEO for Allergan, delivers a keynote presentation at the 5th Annual Ophthalmology Innovation Summit in New Orleans. Giving the audience a recap of the current stressors on pricing, David delves into the issue of taxes and cuts on the device side, but more greatly on the pharmaceutical side. Pinpointing this issue on the strict government budgets following “The Great Recession”, David continues to expand on the unwavering highpoints in ophthalmic innovation.


David E.I. Pyott

David E.I. Pyott

David E.I. Pyott joined Allergan on January 1, 1998. During his tenure, Mr. Pyott has transformed Allergan from a small eye care business to a global specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company with leadership positions in six medical specialties.

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