Taking the Road Less Traveled, With Jod Mehta, Singapore National Eye Center


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Jodbhir (Jod) Mehta, PhD, is the Head of the Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Group at the
Singapore Eye Research Institute and Head of the Corneal Service and Senior Consultant in
the Refractive Service of the Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC).

Dr. Mehta, a corneal and refractive surgery expert, has spent most of his career in Singapore, a small, thriving nation with one of the most successful healthcare systems in the world. But he trained in London and Birmingham, England.

Dr. Mehta could have stayed in England and done quite well. Instead, he chose to continue his career in Singapore, a country where he could make an even deeper impact.

He arrived, to a new country and a new culture, with $500, knowing no one. That was over 15 years ago.

With podcast host Sophia Pathai, MD, PhD, Dr. Mehta shares why his unconventional path—to pursue a fellowship on a small island thousands of miles away—made all the difference.

He also discusses his research into corneal transplantation, his early adoption of femtosecond lasers, and how his research has informed his clinical practice.

Finally, he gives a glimpse into Singapore’s biotech industry, which he compares to Israel for its strong ecosystem of investors and innovators. It’s driven, he says, by a population with an inherent can-do attitude and a high bar for success.

Listen to the podcast today to discover:
• Dr. Mehta’s background, from neurosurgery in London to ophthalmology in Singapore.
• The personal and professional challenges he faced upon relocating from London to Southeast Asia.
• His thoughts on the Singapore economy and biotech industry.
• His research in corneal disease, including clinical trials related to corneal disease treatments and publications related to corneal disease and refractive surgery.
• How Dr. Mehta passes on his techniques to the physicians of the future.
• His thoughts on the potential of the metaverse for training and teaching, as well as generative AI as a tool for both patients and physicians.
• Advice for physician trainees interested in a career in ophthalmology, and why it’s “the most exciting field, hands-down.”

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Sophia Pathai, MD, PhD https://ois.net/sophia-pathai-md-phd-mph/