Tarantino on How AcuFocus Found Success Rolling Out KAMRA

Acufocus’ Nick Tarantino, Chief Global Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs Officer, explains how AcuFocus is taking a “nice and measured” approach to rolling out its KAMRA inlay as a treatment for presbyopia. The KAMRA inlay received US approval on April 17, 2015, making it the first corneal inlay to achieve this landmark. Since approval, the company initiated a controlled commercial release with first surgeries taking place at Hoopes Vision in Utah on May 19, 2015. Tarantino explains why AcuFocus is moving so carefully with the highly anticipated roll out.

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Nick Tarantino

Nicholas Tarantino, OD

Nick Tarantino, OD is Chief Clinical and Regulatory Officer and Head of R&D for AcuFocus, Inc., a company specializing in innovative solutions for the treatment of presbyopia.

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