TearScience Inc. CEO and Co-Founder Tim Willis emphasized that his company was founded for a single reason: to be the evaporative dry eye expert, and to develop a system to identify, diagnose, and treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, the root cause behind 90% of dry eye cases. He introduced for the first time TearScience’s LipiView II. Ready for launch, it is the only diagnostic imaging device that accurately measures lipid layer thickness, and enables a view of the gland structure. Willis also shared positive results for TearScience’s LipiFlow procedure, which he declared as “the solution for MGD.”


Tim Willis

Tim Willis

Mr. Willis has more than 35 years of medical device industry experience. Tim is an entrepreneur and inventor and has been responsible for the development and launch of 50+ products that today represent over a half billion dollars in annual sales.

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