Based in New York, TECLens, LLC is an early-stage medical device company focused on the growing, global epidemic of myopia. The company was founded in 2013 with the goal of developing a revolutionary refractive vision correction system based around its proprietary ‘on-eye’ corneal crosslinking technology. TECLens’ initial product, CXLens, is a one-time use, disposable contact lens that is connected to a small, portable, low cost control system. CXLens sits comfortably directly on the eye, allowing the patient to blink, sit-up, even read with the other eye during the noninvasive procedure. Unlike all other crosslinking systems, CXLens uses real time ultrasound feedback to provide a precise refractive prescription. The TECLens approach to refractive crosslinking both eliminates the fear for patients seeking interventional vision correction and alters the economics of the eye care business for practitioners entering the refractive correction market.