Thinking About Market Cycles & Growth in the Ophthalmology Sector

A panel of Wall Street analysts offer their insights on the future performance of the public markets, including ophthalmology stocks at OIS@AAO in Las Vegas.



Emmett T. Cunningham Jr., MD, PhD, MPH

Dr. Cunningham, currently a Partner, joined Clarus in 2006 with more than 20 years of experience in the biomedical and biopharmaceutical sectors.

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Adnan Butt

Adnan is a senior biotechnology analyst at RBC Capital Markets. His current coverage universe and research interests encompass cardiology, infectious diseases, neuro-psychiatry, oncology, and ophthalmology, as well as other emerging areas and modalities.

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Caroline Corner, PhD

Ms. Corner is a Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst at Cantor Fitgerald. She previously held senior research positions at MLV & Co., Pacific Growth Equities and Wells Fargo Securities.

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Philips Nadeau

Philip Nadeau, PhD

Philip Nadeau is a Managing Director and senior biotechnology research analyst at Cowen and Company. He has been at Cowen for 15 years and is responsible for covering approximately 30 biotechnology stocks.

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David Nierengarten

David Nierengarten, PhD

David Nierengarten is a senior biotechnology equity analyst with Wedbush Securities, mainly covering development-stage therapeutic companies.

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Yigal Nochomovitz

Yigal Nochomovitz, PhD

Yigal Nochomovitz, PhD is a Director and SMid cap biotech analyst at Citigroup. Yigal has covered the ophthalmology space as well as other disease areas including oncology, rare disease, nephrology, and infectious disease over his career on the sell-side.

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Joshua Schimmer

Joshua Schimmer, MD

Josh Schimmer is a Managing Director & Senior Research Analyst who joined Piper Jaffray in 2013 to cover biotechnology companies.

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