Tom Frinzi’s Plans for AMO & Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology veteran Tom Frinzi joins OISTV to share his reasons for joining Abbott Medical Optics and what the company may be planning in coming years.

Video Highlights
00:32 – What brought you to AMO?
1:20 – What are the three Ps?
2:02 – Is there a formula for leading any a company?
3:51 – How has ophthalmology changed as a specialty?
4:45 – What makes ophthalmology unique?
5:40 – Where will you be looking for innovation?
6:25 – Where are the disruptive opportunities?
7:16 – What are you introducing at ASCRS?
7:41 – Celebrating the 20th anniversary of AMO university.
8:51 – How acquisitive will AMO be this year?

Speaking With:

Thomas Frinzi

Tom Frinzi

Thomas Frinzi is Senior Vice President of Abbott’s vision business, which includes a broad ophthalmology portfolio across the areas of cataracts, refractive surgery (LASIK) and eye health products. Prior to joining Abbott, Mr. Frinzi held a number of leadership positions in ophthalmology and medical device companies.

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