Omeros Transforming Patient Care through Small-Molecule and Protein Therapeutics



CHICAGO—A combination of phenylephrine 1% and ketorolac 0.3% injection is “the first and only FDA-approved intraocular product to prevent miosis and to reduce postop ocular pain in adults undergoing cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange,” said Leonard M. Blum, chief business and commercial officer, Omeros. He added that the company’s OMIDRIA is the only “NSAID-containing product approved for intraocular administration during cataract surgery.”

OMIDRIA was granted pass-through status, meaning it presents as budget-neutral to the health care system, and it is covered and reimbursed by 100% of Medicare Administrative Contractors, Blum said. There is ongoing and expanding coverage by Medicare Advantage plans and commercial payers, and patient access has further expanded through both the OMIDRIAssure and 340b programs, he continued.
Net revenue has climbed since approval, with the drug earning $10 million during second-quarter 2016.

“Real-world evidence is showing improved outcomes after surgery,” Blum said. Papers presented at conferences earlier this year on post-launch, case-controlled, single center analyses, with and without femtosecond laser, resulted in statistically significant decreases in complications associated with small pupil surgery, reductions in usage of pupil-expanding devices, shorter surgical times, and improvements in visual acuity on postop Day 1.

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