Translatum Medicus Developing Option To Treat Dry AMD

Clinicians have few treatment options for dry AMD, but Translatum Medicus Inc., is working on an agent, TMi-018, for such an indication. President and CSO Shelley Boyd, MD, FRCSC, explained the company has reverse engineered an animal model to mimic the disease so investigators can test treatments. TMi-018 is a first-in-class transcriptional modulator that is already demonstrated safety in phase II and III trials for autoimmune disease.



Shelley Boyd, MD, FRCSC

Shelley Boyd, MD, FRCSC, is an Ophthalmologist specializing in diseases of the retina and founding President & CSO of Translatum Medicus Inc(TMi). She trained at the University of Toronto, with fellowships at Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK and the Scripps Research Institute, California.

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