Vladimir Feingold

Vladimir Feingold is the CEO of Lacriscience, LLC. Prior to that he has served on the board director of Presbia PLC, CTO and an Executive Vice President ( 2014-2017). He served as a Chief Technology Officer and director of Presbia Holdings (2009-2015). He was the CEO of Visitome, Inc. and Biovision AG (2001-2008) . He served as President and Chairman of Staar Surgical AG and CTO of Staar Surgical Co. (1991-1999). Mr. Feingold was a director of Canon-Staar, Japan,(1995-2000). and from , Mr. Feingold was managing director and chairman of the board of Bionica Pty Ltd., Australia, (1984 -2001) and executive at Telectronics Pty. Ltd., Australia (1975-1984). Mr. Feingold received his B.E. (Mechanical) and B.Sc. (Computer Science and Mathematics) from the University of Sydney, Australia.