WaveTec Vision Systems

WaveTec Vision Systems ORA system is the first intra-operative diagnostic tool on the market to enhance visual outcomes in cataract surgery. It allows surgeons, in real-time, to see incisions and intraocular lens (IOL) alignment to support optimal IOL positioning. Thomas G. Frinzi, the company’s President and CEO, announced to OIS attendees that WaveTec’s acquisition by Alcon Inc. (a division of Novartis), announced late August, was just completed.


Thomas Frinzi

Tom Frinzi

Thomas Frinzi is Senior Vice President of Abbott’s vision business, which includes a broad ophthalmology portfolio across the areas of cataracts, refractive surgery (LASIK) and eye health products. Prior to joining Abbott, Mr. Frinzi held a number of leadership positions in ophthalmology and medical device companies.

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