What Gets the Attention of European MedTech Investors?


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European investment in ophthalmology MedTech is more opportunistic than strategic, says Klaus Stöckemann, managing partner of Peppermint VenturePartners in Berlin. With fewer venture capitalists focused on the market, they are more receptive to cold calls and impromptu pitches at medical conferences.

That’s one of the many insights provided when new OIS Podcast host Sophia Pathai, MD, PhD, MPH caught up with three top-tier VCs who focus on ophthalmology devices and technology.

After recalling their nonlinear backgrounds, Stöckemann, along with Diana Saraceni, cofounder of Panakes Ventures (Milan), and Jennifer McMahon, a partner at Seroba Life Sciences(Dublin), discuss the latest MedTech activity. One piece of news that got Western Europe talking: Belgium-based iStar’s strategic alliance with AbbVie.

They agree that ophthalmology’s active, entrepreneurial spirit, the high demand for micro-sized surgical devices, and the strong M&A market all make for an exciting time to invest in the space.

For those in need of their services, the guests offer a wealth of advice. McMahon recommends that innovators have a good grasp of their market position—not only what’s on the market now, but what might be in a few years.

Saraceni stresses relevancy. Name-dropping doesn’t impress her. Instead, highlight the results you and your executive team have accomplished that relate to your project.

Listen to the podcast for more insights, including:
• How aspiring entrepreneurs and early startup founders can refine their pitch and approach to ensure the best chance of success.
• What makes ophthalmology devices an attractive investment area.
• What’s exciting now in ophthalmic pharma, biotech, and MedTech.
• The advantages of the ophthalmology community above other therapeutic areas.
• How the VC’s role has evolved over the past few years and the speakers’ vision moving forward.
• Forecasts for ophthalmology MedTech over the next 10 years.

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