Richard Kirkner

Rich Kirkner

Contributing Writer

Richard Kirkner is an award-winning journalist and editorial consultant who has specialized in ophthalmology and eye care media for three decades. Based in Philadelphia, his work has been recognized with more than 40 awards for editorial excellence.

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March 31 2021

Aura Biosciences Takes Key Steps to Advance Lead Candidate

With a fresh infusion of capital and a new chief operating officer steeped in regulatory affairs, Aura Biosciences has put key pieces into place to ...
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March 23 2021

Biomedical Informatics Helps Focus Director Dr. Michael Chiang’s Vision for NEI

Michael F. Chiang, MD, who took over as director of the National Eye Institute at the close of 2020, brings a unique background as an ...
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February 23 2021

Ocular Gene Therapy Takes Next Step Beyond Inherited Retinal Disease

Ten years from now, gene therapy for ocular disease will have made the shift from exclusively targeting inherited retinal diseases with very small populations, such ...
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January 12 2021

Lessons learned for Conducting Clinical Trials in Challenging Times

Clinical trials on many levels have been disrupted over the past year, and the current surge can cause further disruption as different regions and cities ...
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December 16 2020

800-pound Gorilla Doesn’t Deter Investors in Ophthalmology Sector

The coronavirus pandemic became the 800-pound gorilla dragging down the economy this year, but 2020 turned out to be a stellar one for investors in ...
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December 8 2020

With Hemera Deal, Janssen Continues Building Out Its Retina Portfolio: Glaucoma on the Horizon

By acquiring the rights to Hemera Biosciences’ gene therapy candidate to treat geographic atrophy – the debilitating end-stage form of dry age-related macular degeneration – ...
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September 15 2020

Innovation Leaders Provide Advice for Retina Start-Ups and the People Who’d Like to Work for Them

Product development in retina is a matter of suitors. That is, people looking for the right product development team to join, and early stage companies ...
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August 18 2020

Manufacturing Strategy Key to AGTC’s Next Steps for Gene Therapy Programs

As Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. takes the next steps in the development of its lead gene therapy candidate for inherited retinal disease, the company has ...
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July 30 2020

Virtual ASRS Reporter’s Notebook

The American Society of Retina Specialists annual scientific meeting went virtual this year, but that didn’t diminish the multitude of reports on retina treatments in ...
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New J&J Vision CMO Steps onto a Very Large Stage

May 7 2020

New J&J Vision CMO Steps onto a Very Large Stage

The stage of ophthalmic innovation has hosted a multitude of new acts, people going from established companies to start-ups and vice versa and back again, ...
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Covid-19 Impact on Healthcare Company Valuations & Financings

April 22 2020

Covid-19 Impact on Healthcare Company Valuations & Financings

The turmoil in the stock market over the past month or so has sent leading healthcare indices reeling, casting a cloud over the financing that ...
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Verana eyes adding third registry

April 2 2020

Verana eyes adding third registry

The explosion of healthcare information technology has engendered a chaotic landscape of infinite terabytes of disparate but mutually relevant data segregated in infinite silos where ...
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