Tom Salemi

Contributing Writer

Tom serves as Content Director for Healthegy, joining the company in 2014, to create and manage a new line of podcasts, publications and other editorial products. At Healthegy, Tom hosts the OIS Podcast and MedtechTalk, contributes to the Engage and Eye on Innovation newsletters and assists in the agenda development of new and existing conferences.

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OIS Podcast | Episode 219

Novartis’ Patrick Mooney Gives Inside Look on the Impact of Alcon Spin-Out, Bid to Acquire Xiidra

Episode 219 Patrick Mooney, head of Novartis’ US eye care business, lays out Novartis’ plans following the spin-out of Alcon and bid to acquire the ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 217

Oculis CEO Riad Sherif Talks About Novartis, Alcon, and What’s Promising in His Company’s Pipeline

Episode 217 Oculis CEO Riad Sherif, who once worked for Novartis and Alcon, reveals which company he’d invest in following the spin-off of the latter ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 216

Oyster Point Pharma CEO Jeffrey Nau Highlights Details of the Company’s Recent B Round, Ponders IPO

Episode 216 With more than $100 million raised in venture capital and three late-stage clinical programs, Oyster Point Pharma is getting a lot done in ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 215

Novaliq’s Bernhard Günther Reveals Company’s Fateful Start, Promising Future for Dry Eye Treatments

Episode 215 After entering the ophthalmology industry “by accident,” Bernhard Günther founded Novaliq in 2004 to pursue therapeutic applications for CyclASol, a novel solution used ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 214

What Impact Will Gene Therapy Deals Have on Patients? Start-Ups? Jay Duker, MD, Can Speak for Both

Episode 214 We dip into the gene therapy pool one more time, talking with Jay Duker, MD about Luxturna’s impact on ophthalmology. We also discuss ...
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Wall Street Analyst David Nierengarten of Wedbush Dissects Recent Gene Therapy Shopping Spree

Episode 213 Together, Roche and Biogen paid over $5.5 billion for gene therapy companies Spark and Nightstar. What does this mean for the emerging technology? ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 212

BONUS EPISODE: Direct from OIS@SECO – Industry Leaders Speaking Out on the Optometric Channel

Episode 212 Industry leaders say optometry presents an enormous opportunity for eye care companies. Panelists: Joseph Boorady, OD, FAAO, VP, Ocular Surface - Johnson & ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 211

Co-Chair James Thimons Walks Us Through the Highs and Even Highers of the First OIS@SECO

Episode 211 We visit again with James Thimons, OD, FAAO, co-chair of OIS@SECO, the newest member of the OIS family. OIS@SECO convened last week in ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 210

Former CMO Brian Levy Sits in the CEO Chair to Lead OcuNexus Down a Bold, New Biopharma Path

Episode 210 Former Aerie CMO Brian Levy, OD, was settling down for a quieter life in Florida when he came upon OcuNexus, a biopharmaceutical company ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 209

Ocutrx CEO Michael Freeman Honors a Promise to Develop AR Device That Could Help AMD Patients See

Episode 209 Twenty five years ago, Michael Freeman collaborated with his father and brothers to create the first video technology that could transmit via cellular ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 208

Paul Karpecki Sees ‘a Lot of Opportunity’ to Grow Treatment of Dry Eye and Other Ocular Diseases

Episode 208 Paul Karpecki thought his odds were pretty good at the start of his career, but an early setback put him on a path ...
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OIS Podcast | Episode 207

Mark Blumenkranz Previews Upcoming Laser-Based Imaging Workshop, Updates on Big Data, Digital Tech

Episode 207 Eye care innovator extraordinaire Mark Blumenkranz, MD joins the podcast to preview the April 8 Forum on Laser-Based Imaging workshop. In this interview, ...
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