Diagnostics Here to Stay

A panel of physicians and corporate leaders discuss the increasingly important impact diagnostics have on the premium channel. Topics included number of tests done, appetite of investors and interest of corporate partners.

Video Highlights
00:20 How important are preoperative diagnostics in managing the premium channel.
00:29 – Jay Pepose, MD, PhD, It’s very important. If you’re going to have a premium IOL, you need to have the right diagnostic to get the best performance.
01:07 – Warren Hill, MD: If every part is perfect except for one part you get a refractive surprise. You have to get every part right.
01:40 – Vance Thompson, MD: – More and more patients seeking multifocality so cornea must be examined closely.
02:25 – How many tests do you do on your typical pre-op patient?
02:53 – How big is the market?
03:42 – Dave Harmon: About a $50 million market but almost doubled last year.
04:00 – Tom Frinzi says AMO is very interested in the diagnostics space.
04:41 – Ludwin Monz, PhD – Lot of ideas of how to improve the refractive outcome.
05:21 – It’s a difficult market to define.
06:00 – What tools would you like to have that you don’t have?
08:35 – Are we seeing significant investment in diagnostics? And can you get good returns?
10:45 – Harmon: Seeing an increase in investment.
12:25 – Will ophthalmic diagnostics will continue to be a major part of corporate business?



Richard Lindstrom, MD

Dr Richard L Lindstrom, Founder and attending surgeon at Minnesota Eye Consultants, Adjunct Clinical Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Department of Ophthalmology, Associate Director: Minnesota Lions Eye Bank, Board Member: University of Minnesota Foundation, and Visiting Professor: UC Irvine: Gavin Herbert Eye Institute.

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Thomas Frinzi

Tom Frinzi

Thomas Frinzi is Senior Vice President of Abbott’s vision business, which includes a broad ophthalmology portfolio across the areas of cataracts, refractive surgery (LASIK) and eye health products. Prior to joining Abbott, Mr. Frinzi held a number of leadership positions in ophthalmology and medical device companies.

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Dave Harmon

David Harmon has more than 30 years of experience in the ophthalmic industry, and he has been writing and publishing newsletters and reports on the industry since 1996.

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Warren Hill, MD

Dr. Warren Hill has been in private practice in Mesa, Arizona for the past 30 years. He completed his ophthalmology training at the University of Rochester in New York and has since devoted the majority of his career to challenging anterior segment surgery and the mathematics of intraocular lens power calculations.

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Ludwin Monz, PhD

Dr. Ludwin Monz has been President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG since 2010 and was appointed a member of the Executive Board of the ZEISS group in 2014.

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Jay Pepose, MD, PhD

Jay Pepose, MD, PhD is a refractive surgeon who has participated in numerous clinical trials as Principal Investigator and Medical Monitor and has presented safety and efficacy data to FDA panels.

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Vance Thompson

Vance Thompson, MD

Vance Thompson, MD is an internationally recognized specialist in Laser Vision Correction and Advanced Cataract Surgery. As a leading international researcher, he has played a key role in the development of the most advanced technologies and techniques for both laser and implant vision correction.

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