Retina ASRS 2021

In- Person


In- Person

Cancellations: Requests received before September 20, 2021 will receive a refund, less an administration charge equal to 20% of the registration fee paid. Thereafter, refunds are not available. Please contact us for cancellation or substitution requests at

Terms & Conditions
Terms of Service for Participation in the Event
(the “Terms of Service”)
By Participating in an OIS event, each individual (each, a “Participant”) acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. To “Participate” (or a Participant’s “Participation”) is defined as registering to attend, attending, accessing, entering or viewing the Event or any part of the Event, whether the Event takes place in a physical and/or digital format. If any Participant does not agree to these Terms of Service, such Participant should not Participate in the Event. In the event a Participant is a Minor (as defined herein), all uses of the term “Participant” in these Terms of Service shall also be deemed to include such Minor’s Guardian (as defined herein).

As used in these Terms of Service, “Management” shall be defined as OIS, a division Healthegy, Inc., and to the extent applicable, any partner organizations which work with OIS to produce or manage the Event. The “Event” shall be defined as the OIS Retina@ASRS event managed by Management, including any live and/or virtual component(s) thereto. The “Venue” shall be defined as each venue where any live component(s) of the Event are held. The “Platform” shall be defined collectively as each distribution platform and/or digital service provider utilized by Management in connection with the Event, including, but not limited to, the Event website(s). A Participant’s “Credentials” shall be defined as a valid individual identifier provided by Management which entitles a Participant to Participate in the Event in some way, whether such Credentials are a physical object (including, but not limited to, a badge, ticket, or other authorized means of entry), or an intangible object (including, but not limited to, a unique code, account, login, link, or other digital identifier).

At any time, Management may amend these Terms of Service without notice to Participant by posting the amended Terms of Service on the Event website. The continued Participation in the Event by a Participant shall constitute acceptance of any such amended Terms of Service.

Assumption of Risk and Release
Participant acknowledges that there are hazards and risks incidental to Participating in the Event. By accepting Credentials and/or by Participating in the Event, Participant freely and voluntarily assumes any and all risks which are incidental to the Event, regardless of severity and regardless of whether or not caused by the negligence of Management, including, but not limited to, loss, property damage, injury or damage to persons and/or death. Further, Participant acknowledges that there is an inherent risk of exposure to communicable disease, including, but not limited to, COVID-19, in any public place where people are present, and, by Participating in the Event, Participant freely and voluntarily assumes any and all risks related to such exposure. Participant agrees to follow all health and safety instruction, guidelines, or standards s issued by local, state, and federal governmental authorities, as well as any health and safety instructions, guidelines or standards for the Event which may be posted on-site at the Venue, within the Platform (including on the Event website), or as otherwise provided to Participant by Management.

In consideration for Participating in the Event, Participant hereby releases and forever discharges Management, the Venue, the city in which the Venue is located (if the city owns the Venue), the Platform, each of their parent, affiliated, and subsidiary companies, and each of their respective agents, employees, officers, directors, trustees, shareholders, contractors, sponsors, and any third parties acting on their behalf (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses (including attorney fees) which are related to, arise from or out of, or are in any way connected to Participant’s Participation in the Event, whether or not such claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses are caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or by the infringement or violation of any right. This release shall be effective and binding upon any heirs, agents, personal representatives or assigns of Participant (and of the Guardian if Participant is a Minor).