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What’s Behind the Heat-up in Glaucoma Innovation

Kicking off the sixth annual Glaucoma 360-New Horizons Forum held recently in San Francisco, co-founder and co-chair Adrienne Graves boldly proclaimed, “Glaucoma is hot.” However, over the past few years, glaucoma has been anything but hot. Stone cold may be more like it. Innovation had been sorely lacking and the $5 billion annual global market…

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InnFocus - Companies to Watch - 2015

InnFocus, a Santen company, is pioneering novel surgical solutions for treating glaucoma. The company is positioned to be the first FDA approved minimally invasive stand-alone procedure for mild, moderate, and severe stage open angle Glaucoma, that lowers and sustains IOP under 15 mmHg, and completely eliminates eye drop medications in most patients. The Company is…

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How Hot is MIGS?

OIS Eye On Innovation Article - How Hot Is MIGS? - Healthegy

The string of approvals and acquisitions in the microinvasive glaucoma surgery space has been one of ophthalmology’s more promising stories. The news shone a bright stage light on what had been one of ophthalmology’s lower-profile sectors. But just how hot is MIGS getting? Followers of the MIGS space have likely been pondering that very question…

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Physicians Say MIGs Is Transforming Glaucoma Treatment

Ike K. Ahmed, MD, led a discussion between three notable ophthalmologists treating glaucoma patients with MIGs. The panel followed a presentation by Ahmed and four companies leading the MIGS space. Panelists include Robert Cionni, MD, Richard Lewis, MD and Jai G. Parekh, MD, MBA. Video Highlight 00:20 – What are your thoughts on the growth…

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MIGS Market Just Beginning to Hit Its Stride

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide, and the number of people with some form of glaucoma is expected to rise to 80 million by 2020, said Ike Ahmed, MD. “This is a $6 billion market that’s continuing to grow, but our current therapies are suboptimal,” he said, adding adherence, side effects, and…

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InnFocus Targeting Trabeculectomy

InnFocus’ MicroShunt is the only micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) device undergoing a randomized clinical trial that uses trabeculectomy as the comparator. “We want to get to a point where trabeculectomy is really out of the market,” said Russ Trenary, president and CEO. “The stand-alone market is the place to be.” The glaucoma surgical procedure market…

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Ivantis Goes After Canal-based MIGS

Ivantis was founded in 2007 by two coronary stent inventors to develop “the only minimally invasive microstent for glaucoma that dilates and scaffolds Schlemm’s canal.” With 25 full-time employees, the company has raised $102 million, and closed a $71 million B round last year, said Dave van Meter, president and CEO. More than 2,500 patients…

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Allergan Sees MIGS as “Ready to Explode”

Allergan purchased AqueSys (developer of the Xen Gel Stent) in a $20 million deal earlier this year. “Just a few years ago, the energy and excitement in ophthalmology was not in glaucoma,” said Dave LeCause, vice president, US eye care. Between 2010 and 2014, the US glaucoma market remained flat, but the introduction of micro-invasive…

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Glaukos Recounts IPO Roadshow

Glaukos completed its IPO on June 25, 2015, but the road getting there was a long one. Before going public, the company that was founded in 2001 raised more than $150 million of enterprise capital in six rounds of financing. It was the first to enter into the micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) space, and began…

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InnFocus’ Trenary Discusses New Funding, Timeline

To watch InnFocus’ OIS Companies to Watch Presentaion Click Here InnFocus CEO Russ Trenary participated in our Glaucoma section of OIS@ASCRS. We caught up with him in the hallways to discuss his company’s success. He’s also been a guest on our OIS Podcast. Video Highlights: 00:30 – How much did InnFocus raise and who were…

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The “Post-Game Wrap-Up” with OIS@ASCRS Co-Chairs

The “Post-Game Wrap-Up” with OIS@ASCRS Co-Chairs - OIS@ASCRS 2016

OIS co-chairs and VCs Emmett Cunningham, MD, Gil Kliman, MD, and Bill Link, PhD, sit down with OISTV to review the highlights of the May 5 OIS@ASCRS in New Orleans. Topics include the purpose for OIS, plans for future meetings, and advances in ophthalmology treatments. Video Timestamp: 00:52 – The benefit of the breakout sessions.…

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