Celebrating 400 Episodes of OIS

Discover the milestone 400th episode of the OIS podcast with Dr. Firas Rahhal and Dr. Robert Rothman, where they explore the impact of Ophthalmology Innovation Summit (OIS) on the investment ecosystem:

  • Journey of OIS
  • Rich Insights
  • Collaboration
  • Clinical Mastery
  • Long-Term Relationships
  • Humor and Admiration
  • Future of Ophthalmology

Tune in to this episode for a blend of knowledge, inspiration, and laughter as they navigate the future of eye care innovation. Don’t miss out—listen now!

Celebrating 400 Episodes of OIS


Importance of OIS


  • It serves as a unique hub that brings together diverse stakeholders in ophthalmology innovation, including clinicians, scientists, investors, startups, and industry professionals.
  • OIS provides a platform for candid discussions and sharing of insights without the restrictions typically found in other medical conferences.
  • The OIS podcasts and meetings offer valuable educational opportunities, allowing participants to learn about the latest innovations, investment trends, and challenges in ophthalmology.
  • It facilitates networking and relationship-building among professionals in the field, which is crucial for collaboration and career advancement.
  • OIS plays a critical role in advancing the ophthalmology innovation ecosystem by fostering connections between investors, startups, and established companies.
  • OIS serves as a catalyst for discussions on improving efficiency in drug development and regulatory processes within ophthalmology.
  • It provides a forum for exploring ways to make ophthalmology innovation more sustainable and cost-effective in the long term.

Why is OIS important to the ophthalmology community?


Favorite Episodes

Favorite Episodes


Pearls of Wisdom

Firas Rahhal and Rob Rothman discuss the importance of building relationships and networking in the business of ophthalmology innovation. Rahhal emphasizes the need to balance optimism and cynicism when evaluating potential investments or collaborations, while Rothman stresses the importance of being present and participating in conversations to truly understand the industry. Rothman also shares his insights on evaluating investment opportunities, highlighting the importance of taking a leap of faith and understanding that there is only so much de-risking that can be done before an opportunity reaches a human being.


  • Evaluating investment opportunities in the ophthalmology industry.
  • Show up, participate, and make relationships in industry events to get involved in ophthalmology innovation.
  • Develop longitudinal relationships, not just casual meetings, to advance in the field.
  • Firas Rahhal emphasizes the importance of relationships in the medical field, citing collegiality and friendship as key factors in career growth and success.
  • Rahhal advises clinicians to balance optimism and cynicism when evaluating investment opportunities or advising companies, avoiding extreme views that can hinder progress.
  • Rob Rothman emphasizes the importance of evaluating risk and opportunity in investments.
  • Rothman believes that listening to podcasts and attending meetings can provide valuable insights.

Pearls of Wisdom

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